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Fashion retailers are increasingly moving towards artificial intelligence (AI) and helping their customers get what they want. AI-driven retail brands not only enable fashion houses to compete in the economy for the 21st century and meet modern consumers’ demands. It further helps them offer a personalized shopping experience to their online shoppers. They can also get a 360-degree preview of the designed product using 3D technology. The Software For Fashion Industry works on similar lines and allows fashion houses and retailers to provide a similarly immersive and engaging experience to their buyers with the help of its customization solutions.

Fashion Design Software Helps Brands Align Business Model with Latest Customer Expectations 

In the digital era, hinging with the traditional model was not serving a purpose. As more retail fashion houses took their business from the age-old brick-and-mortar stores into eCommerce, they are able to get more insight into their customers’ preferences to serve the demand. Indeed, advanced technologies are helping fashion labels to understand what people like and what factors drive their behavior. And to attain this goal, they have to rely on the data they have, which helps them infer various meanings to the product customers buy. Also, it is challenging for garment companies, including their employees and designers, to ensure they look ahead to catch the latest changing trends in the fast-moving life. And data is the only way to do it. The 3D clothing design software provides a similar set of solutions to apparel companies with its customization solution and digital features. The new-age technology helps your buyers select and design a wide range of clothes, such as shirts, t-shirts, pants, blazers, suits, skirts, jackets, hoodies, and many others.

Over the last few years, the purchasing pattern has evolved and transformed drastically. In the last few years, no other industry has apparently taken more of a hit than retail. The emerging solutions, such as AI, blockchain, metaverse, IoT, 3D printing, and AR/VR, have been at the forefront for bringing in new business models. They have enabled Software For Fashion Industry houses to smoothly function and thrive under any circumstances. Perhaps one of the most prominent ways Software For Fashion Industry and technology have been integrated is the ability to turn a diverse set of data into engaging and enriching information. Some of the biggest names in the fashion sector, including H&M, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, are now investing in algorithms that help suggest styles to their customers. A plethora of AI-based start-ups is also emerging and willing to do the same thing with their buyers.  

From the paragraphs mentioned above, it is evident that AI offers various benefits to the clothing industry and several brands and retailers are willing to capitalize on the latest trends. If you are willing to test the waters and get inspired by the success stories of other names in the fashion sector, you have come to the right place. In the section below, we will highlight the factors and case studies that depict the use of AI and other advanced technologies to help address old problems and thrive in the business. 

Here are the factors that drive the use of more technologies in the apparel industry:  

  • Metaverse Activates and Supports Creativity in the Digital Era  

Metaverse is not a new concept in the Software For Fashion Industry, and since its inception, it has taken the sector by storm. Therefore, many leading names in the domain are willing to test their waters and flourish in the business. Virtual social worldDecentraland, a well-known face and advocate of the metaverse in the apparel sector, is all prepped up for the launch of Metaverse Fashion Week from March 24 to 27, 2022. During the fashion show, Decentraland will host runway shows, fashion experiences, pop-up shops and afterparties, and exhibit digital and wearable designs by big-name designers. The steps are taken in this field align with the fact that the whole sector has been willing to ramp up its metaverse presence in the past couple of years. The emergence of virtual fashion shows, showrooms, and immersive experiences are just its extensions. It shows how seriously the fashion world is taking digital solutions, and it is one of the best ways to activate and support creativity. Many fashion houses have benefitted from the emergence of new-age solutions and garnered huge profits in a short time.  

Understandably, fashion and haute couture are not new to the metaverse, and recent fashion-tech solutions are merely facilitating changes and offering cutting-edge solutions to digital fashion. The custom-made tool enables brands to let their customers design and select their wide range of apparel and give them their flair using Software For Fashion Industry technology. They can also preview the product before they head for the final payment and ensure that they get precisely what they have ordered. 

  • Dupe Killer Helps Tracking Copies with Artificial Intelligence  

When new technologies emerge, it is plausible that their counterparts and people willing to commit fraud will also come. Therefore, the fashion tech solutions always have to be a step or two ahead of the frauds and develop technologies that can help catch them. For instance, Dupe Killer is a new technology that searches for design infringements using artificial intelligence. It does so by learning the shape or configuration of a product and seeking out copies. The technology is a lot different than detecting counterfeit goods, where someone can steal the name and continue the trade and make duplicate copies.  

Dupe Killer operates in a world where the only clues are visual. Counterfeits claim to be the brand, while design infringements lean on the brand’s key features without ever mentioning the original product and are tricky to track and remedy. Its investigation begins with a piece of apparel, handbag, footwear, or anything that a brand wants to track. The experts’ teams start photographing the physical garment from every possible angle and apply computer vision techniques and machine learning to isolate unique traits that stand out. This process and features train the AI to recognize these features as it sweeps the internet. The Dupe Killer trawls through millions of photographs, measuring for visual similarities and recording details for each successful find.  

  • Virtual Fitting Technology Transforms Customer Experience  

Digital technology and technology go hand-in-hand, and these days, it is more about increasing the efficiency of the customer experience. The new-age solutions are helping apparel labels to reduce waste and create a more sophisticated just-in-time inventory system that takes registers consumers’ bodies and preferences when they select an item to try on and later help them in purchasing it. Mass customization fits the bill perfectly and empowers brands to create something that appeals to large audiences and suits their individuals’ needs or desires.  

Many experts are exploring the potential of mass customization and 3d rendering tool coupled with virtual fitting technology. In the days to come, many believe that customers must be able to change and try on the clothes they want to wear at home. They will not only be able to visualize the item by themselves before purchasing it, but they will also know how it looks and fit them. This AI and mass customization combination will be a game-changer in the fashion industry. It will help manage inventory stock, lower transportation costs and emissions, and the electronic retailing system. Fast fashion wouldn’t necessarily have to be called “fast” anymore, as items could be created based on a person’s needs.  

Closing comments-  

In a nutshell, the new age solutions have the power to transform the way the fashion industry runs and performs its various tasks. As digitization is taking centre stage in the sector, it is imperative for apparel companies to incorporate solutions that help them adhere to the latest trends and help them align their business models as per the latest trends and customers’ expectations. The best fashion design software by iDesigniBuy enables fashion houses to leverage the recent trends and position their business models along with the latest solutions that facilitate meeting ever evolving-customer expectations.  

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