Future of Shopping : Elevate Experience with Virtual Fitting Rooms

The rate of online shopping miraculously increased in the lockdown era; however, in terms of clothes, it has remained at the bottom of the graph. Fitting issues are one of the major reasons behind it.

Nevertheless, tech advancements have ushered newer ways for customer-friendly shopping experiences, and virtual Fitting rooms are among them.

Virtual trial rooms utilize augmented reality and artificial intelligence to create the dressing room experience. These solutions seem to hold the potential to transform the overall procedure making them more sustainable and business-driven.

However, virtual Fitting rooms have presently become a must-have for fashion retailers. Various retailers have already adopted the technology to strengthen their sales as well as customer relationship. Read this article to learn more about these brands and how virtual fitting rooms can benefit your business.

A brief insight into the working of virtual fitting room technology

A virtual fitting room is a digital version of an in-store dressing room, enabling customers to try on a product virtually and leading them to visualize how it may look on them. It also evaluates features, including pattern, color, and style, which helps them for better purchase decisions.

Over time, innumerable virtual try-on solutions have been introduced in the market. These solutions rely on the fusion of computer vision, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence. However, every solution has different results and significance.

Is there any benefit of a virtual fitting room for e-Commerce?

There are plenty of benefits offered by the virtual fitting room to e-commerce. The following are some of the major ones-

Enhances sales

Virtual Fitting rooms offer an engaging experience to the customers and help them figure out the best color, fit, and size, which leads to boosting their confidence. The power to visualize oneself in the apparel also encourages them to complete their purchase maximum of the time.

At the same time, it offers customers the freedom to discover different experiences by trying other tastes and products. This, in turn, increases customers’ loyalty towards the brands, resulting in repeat purchases and increasing sales simultaneously.

Reduces return rates

E-commerce’s biggest problem is the ever-growing rates of returns. Almost every brand wants a solid solution to minimize the issue. If not completely, virtual Fitting rooms can help you at least reduce it to a certain extent. An article stated that according to Shopify, nearly 30-40 percent of all e-commerce returns occur due to size issues.

Offering them an idea of how their product will look on their body, along with a size recommendation solution, can be a significant solution to minimize the rate of returns.

Promotes positive brand image

Virtual Fitting room perceives innovation and customer-focused services to your customers. It also ensures your competitive advantage by setting a positive image of your brand for your customers.

Promises and potential of virtual Fitting rooms

Virtual Fitting room technology is an asset for the e-commerce sectors, apparel brands to be precise. The rising competition among the brands leads them to find innovative solutions to stay ahead. The trial room seems to fit in for the same.

Furthermore, Virtual Fitting rooms can be seen to hold greater potential. Several big brands, in addition, have adopted the technology, including Gucci, Walmart, Gap, and others. The virtual trending has become a strong strategy for retailers to attract customers, improve performance, and boost sales and value.

Therefore, retailers have started to capitalize on it, big or small. Moreover, trial rooms technology is promising and exciting simultaneously, and deploying it can only result in the betterment of the customers and the retailer.

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