iDesigniBuy Showing Gratitude towards Our Clients on Thanks Giving

We learn and grow most from the challenges that test our limitations, understanding, awareness, and values on each level. It is the experience that, while it arrives, comes with it a degree of unease that leads us to self-search and self-reflect.


Somewhere deep inside, we are sure that we can achieve it, but we restrict ourselves by thinking about failures. We only think about boundaries and obstacles. However, when we consider this as a learning opportunity, we can achieve it with ease.


Our grounding and connection influence to create a better sense of ourselves. This influence power has a magnetic impact and gives confidence in offering the best in every field.


Mostly we miss on saying thanks or showing our gratitude to people who have helped us to grow. This Thanks Giving, we take the pleasure to say thanks to all our clients who have helped us in growing by letting us work on some major challenging projects. We would also like to thank our team who have faced and overcome the challenges to deliver the best solutions to our customers.


Here are Some Special Mentions:


Cocomelody, Los Angeles

We would like to thank Cocomelody for giving us an opportunity to work on their project. Cocomelody is an e-commerce store, offering professional offline and online service to shoppers and designers all over the world. They were looking to add a groom section to their store when they first come to us. They approached us with the vision of a tool to enable their customers to personalize suits from their online store. iDesigniBuy’s apparel design software assisted them in achieving their goal of offering customization services in their store.


Customstyle, Switzerland

Another important client of us who has forced us to challenge our skillset is Customstyle; and on this Thanks Giving, we take this opportunity to thank Custom Style. They are a Swiss-based e-commerce website and dealing in jackets since 2008. Our team has successfully developed the software and embedded into their website. We have delivered jacket design software in a very limited time to meet their business objectives.


Unique Threads, Atlanta

Another client of iDesigniBuy to whom we would like to convey our regards on this Thanks Giving is Unique Threads. They operate their business under the name of Unique Threads Collection and come to us for the suit design software to enable their customers to design their own suits. We thank them for showing trust in us and select us as their technical partner.


We would also like to thank our other clients to whom we haven’t mentioned in this blog. We are glad that they choose iDesigniBuy as their technology partner and challenge us to enhance our skillset and cater to them to meet their expectations.