Benefits Of Transformation : Digital Fashion Industry Revolution

With fashion shows and events becoming digital, brands are still figuring out effective ways to maintain the balance between their offline and online presence. In today’s ever-changing landscape, the new form of content distribution depends entirely on digital tools.

Thanks to the centralized, cloud-based systems, advanced tailoring and designing solutions, virtual sampling, trial rooms, and customization software for helping the brands adopt the transformation successfully.

The major reason behind adopting digitalization in the fashion industry is its exponential growth, which has caused serious challenges for global supply chains, including managing the rising consumption by people worldwide. Check hire php developers information

Digital Fashion Industry transformation, therefore, has helped the industry manage value chains, including supply chains, making existing procedures more sustainable, and addressing new customer values, including transparency and inclusivity. The transformation has also led to benefit the industry in multiple ways.

Here are the major benefits of digitalization of the fashion industry

Optimized Production Process

Digitalized technologies give the brands a complete overview of the production procedures. Technologies, including radio frequency identification (RFID) and product lifecycle management (PLM), offer a complete overview of the production process from design to distribution.

Digital Fashion Industry transformation, therefore, leads companies to optimize processes, minimize waste, and make production time- and cost-efficient.

Along with this, the integration of robotics and artificial intelligence has made it easier to create customized products through mass customization. Customized software solutions, on the other hand, when integrated with the website, also enable the customers to design their apparel, personalize it, and order at the same time from the same platform.

Digital Fashion Industry transformation enables brands to respond better to market changes and rapidly reshape processes and products.

Sustainability and transparency

Undeniably, new technologies and innovations have helped brands to become more sustainable by minimizing their social and environmental impact. For instance, virtual prototyping and 3D printing have enabled companies to reduce product waste and landfills.

Besides, technological advancements have also offered the industry to boost its customer-retailer relationship by improving transparency. With digitalized procedures, companies can easily share the entire supply chain information with customers.

Thanks to the NFC tags and smart labels on the products, that makes it easily possible for the companies to present their commitments and sustainability.

Improved Customer care

With all the other fields, Digital Fashion Industry transformation has also advanced the field of customer care. Social networks, CRM systems, and apps have led companies to interact directly with their customers. Also, the companies can collect customers- based data, behaviours, and preferences.

This information helps to learn about the customers’ requirements, resolve their doubts and problems in real-time, and improve their customer journey.


The digital journey of fashion is not new to the industry, and it was still a part before the pandemic. Data-integrated supply chains, tech-infused brick-and-mortar stores, and AI-assisted designs exist for most brands and retailers.

Digital transformation can even be defined as to shift from paper to digital or from physical to online. Fashion digitalization was anticipated earlier. However, the outbreak of covid-19 accelerated it even more.

Today digitalization is playing an important role in e-commerce. And therefore, the brands are required to have their strategies based on digital transformation to remain competitive.

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