Have you Included Apparel Customization as a Strategy for your Fashion Business?

Fashion businesses are struggling as they are unsure of strategy they must adopt in fashion industry. Fashion is a hyper-competitive industry that serves low barriers to entry. With lower startup costs, lower digital barriers, and outsourcing opportunities, entrepreneurs find fashion industry comparatively attractive as compared to other sectors.

Have you Included Apparel Customization as a Strategy for your Fashion Business


Despite low barriers to entry, rivalry among competitors is intense as apparel brands have entered into cut-throat competition with the evolution of ‘Fast Fashion’. Fast Fashion is a trend where apparel designers and manufacturers take inspiration from trending styles and add them to their portfolio. These apparels are then pushed to market immediately at relatively lower prices through online and offline channels.


According to ‘The State of the Ecommerce Fashion Industry: Statistics, Trends & Strategy,’ the biggest threat to established brands are higher online return rates and fast fashion’s ability to create and release styles on-demand.


However, fast fashion is not a sustainable trend, as today’s customers believe in brands that offer unique designs. Thus, most of the apparel businesses that start on a good note may find the future of their business in jeopardy in the absence of a concrete strategy to attract and retain customers.


Apparel Customization: A sustainable strategy for fashion business


Today apparel brands are heavily utilizing omnichannel retail that allows them to register their presence at all touch points where a customer is present. However, despite establishing connections with customers across all channels, brands are unable to register the required growth. The possible reason could be a lack of customer engagement.


So, what should be an ideal strategy for fashion businesses?


An ideal strategy is one that attracts customer attention, keep them engaged with your offerings, and inspire them to enter into a long-term relationship with your apparel brand. Apparel customization is one such strategy that helps build brand affinity among customers by allowing them to become an integral part of the decision-making process where they choose what they want to wear and whatnot.


Apparel customization refers to a process where a brand is capable of offering custom-created clothes to its customers instead of selling standard outfits inspired from conventional designs. The idea behind customization is to transfer style ownership to customers rather than keeping it with you. Under this strategy, apparel manufacturers do not push or impose fashion; instead, they design and produce as per the demand fetched from the customers.


The report, State of the Ecommerce Fashion Industry: Statistics, Trends & Strategy further reveals that by helping customers in creating a customized wardrobe will be beneficial for brand apparels to increase retention and profit margins. Further, they can incur cost savings as return rate is greatly reduced in case of customized outfits.


How apparel brands can achieve customization using Apparel Design Software

Apparel Design Software is a sophisticated solution for creating customized apparels. The software gets integrated with any ecommerce portal, thereby adding its capability to act as a digital apparel storefront for customers. As the name indicates, apparel design software empowers users to choose their outfit and customize it as per their choice. They can choose from a wide variety of catalog, including T-shirts, shirts, jeans, jackets, pants, hoodies, tuxedo and suits.


Further, the freedom to customize their outfit lies in hands of customers. For example, they can select fabric, coat patterns, collar style, print style, buttons, and many more details to design their suit. Software allows them to add and delete designs as much as they want before placing a final order.


Similarly, apparel design software also caters to corporate clients who purchase uniforms in bulk for their employees with company logo printed on it. They can choose a fabric, color, style from the template library. Then, upload image of logo, select the positioning of logo on a dress, check finished look with 3D enablers and place a final order.




Apparel customization is a significant strategy that broadens scope of your online business. It becomes more comfortable for you to produce and deliver custom-created outfits. You can empower your apparel brand by including apparel customization in your fashion business strategic plan.


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