Jacket Design Tool – Revenue Boosting Solution for Apparel Merchants & Manufacturer

If you want to purchase the attractive design jacket then obviously you will browse through the different online store or shopping malls. But, a situation may arise that you couldn’t find any of your choices. What to do now? Either you have to wait for a new stock or have the purchase the jacket which you didn’t like. To overcome this issue, idesignibuy comes up with an advanced jacket design tool which can be integrated with all e-commerce storefront and allows the user to design and buy their favorite jacket on the same platform.

You can find numerous shopping malls or retail outlets which provide a wide range of branded jackets but none of them allows their customers to design their favorite jacket themselves. So, if you want to turn your jacket business to the brand then go for this jacket configurable software which is loaded with enormous features such as logo placement, arms & hoodies design, excellent color gallery and much more. Use our Fashion Design Software 

Beneficial Points for Apparel Buyers & Sellers

  • Buyers can grab the opportunity for designing jackets online, sellers can upgrade their business module.
  • If buyers meet their requirements with ease, then sellers can build a strong customer base and boost the business revenue.
  • Buyers don’t need to depend on stock and sellers don’t need to invest high in product inventory.
  • If buyers are designing their favorite jacket then sellers can also add their own design to keep them in stock.

Amazing Features of Jacket Design Tool

  • Easy, quick and user-friendly admin section
  • Compatible with all e-commerce storefront
  • Adaptable with all gadgets and browsers
  • Loaded with enormous customization features like image uploading, color gallery, clipart & font gallery.
  • Logo placement, left & right arm design and hoodies selection.


At the end what matters for every business merchants is strong customer base and high revenue. So, if you want to beat your business counterpart then don’t delay in availing the best in the class jacket design tool. Provide us your business requirements at or call us at +1-630-796-0282