How to Let Customers Customize Their Own Clothes

Who does not want to design their own clothes?


And it is even better if we get a chance to show off our creativity on various platforms.

How to Let Customers Customize Their Own Clothes

If you are a clothing business owner, then integrating apparel design software to enable your customers to customize their own clothes will be the best option.


iDesigniBuy’s online fashion designer software enables your customers to customize any design on a piece of apparel and accessories. The facility to upload personalize designs and let your customers to personalize them by including text and pictures ensure an incredible product, increasing the value of regular clothes as well as improving brand loyalty and customer engagement.


This tool can be integrated into any eCommerce website, allowing customers to preview what they should expect on delivery. Our web to print software offers a high-resolution file of their user’s design ready for printing.


Here is A List of Some Common Features that You Should Have in Your Apparel Design Software:


Multilingual: This is one of the significant highlights as it empowers you to explore the worldwide market. For organizations hoping to understand that competitive edge, having a site that supports multiple languages is a major success to develop the client base. It is a method to expand sales; numerous organizations neglect this, which legitimately impacts on the business.


Responsive Website/Store: With the development of the cell phone industry, numerous individuals have begun utilizing smartphones for almost everything. We prefer to shop on our gadgets. According to the trend, individuals began to use smartphones and liked to complete their work on it. Having a responsive store can help you in connecting these dots. For business in the online business industry, it is urgent to design a responsive website to run a business effectively without compromising on the client base.


Online Trial Room: With the cutting edge technology, retailers can include a choice of virtual trail room on their site. It is an integral asset that advances your image and the services while diminishing the issue of attempting things in a trail room at physical stores. iDesigniBuy gives the virtual trail room solution, which encourages your clients to configuration outfits with their exceptional style, attempts different looks, and pair their preferred bits of apparel together.


Zoom In and Out: Pictures can change somebody’s purchasing decision. When any client visits your store or site, they scan for the product with better quality images, and if the item has bad quality or blurred picture, they abstain from buying from such stores and leave your site right there. A good quality picture can assist you with building the client’s loyalty in your image. Before purchasing, a customer searches for clear, good quality images of products with the intention to have an idea about the look and feel of the item.


360-Degree Preview: This is another important feature that one should incorporate into their online stores or site. With the assistance of technology, you can allow your clients to outwardly use their creative mind that will assist customers with making a decision. The best guide to clarify this feature is 3D rendering, which has changed the universe of structuring. 360-degree see resembles making the multi-dimensional images of the client’s creative mind on the screen. Thus, clients will get a clear picture of what they have created and what they should hope to be delivered. Adding such a feature to your online store will get various advantages for your business.


Integrating iDesigniBuy tailoring software onto any eCommerce platform can give your clients the ability to customize products in seconds. To get your custom-made software to meet your business requirement, write us on