BLACKYAK announces Fall/Winter Collection 20/21

MUNCHEN, Germany, Jan. 28, 2020 / With the announcement of the Autumn/Winter Collection 20/21, BLACKYAK remains true to itself: innovation, technical perfection and maximum protection from the elements are the ultimate goals. Every person has an integrated air conditioning system. It keeps you warm when it is cold and cools you down when it is warm. But the performance of the body climate is limited. BLACKYAK therefore supports its customers in maintaining their personal climate even in extreme situations. No matter whether on a stormy mountain peak or in the frosty cold Arctic.

To protect mountaineers on their missions and provide them with the best possible equipment, BLACKYAK focuses on the development of technical and functional clothing. “We are a pure Mountaineering Brand. Our target groups are mountaineers, ski tourers and all those who want to be protected from cold, wind and moisture during their outdoor activities,” says Maximilian Nortz, Managing Director International Business at BLACKYAK.

In order to meet its own product requirements, BLACKYAK installed its own development centre at the company’s headquarters in Munich in autumn 2019. From the initial idea to drawings, operational prototypes can be produced here. The machinery ranges from simple sewing machines and laser cutters to seam tape and bonding machines. “The knowledge we gain in our development processes can be shared with suppliers and producers without delay. This allows us to have a better influence on the development of new fabrics and at the same time ensures the highest processing quality in production,” says Nortz. Nortz also emphasizes the resulting sustainability: “One good product lasts longer than two bad ones. It also protects climbers in extreme situations.”

New materials

BLACKYAK is taking another step towards sustainability with down. Here, BLACKYAK cooperates with the company Re:Down®, which recycles old down from duvets etc. and makes them fit for use again. For the first time, BLACKYAK is using RECCO® technology as a safety feature for buried or injured people in remote areas in its collection. RECCO® is used in the backcountry version of the Barzona Jacket and Amrit Pants.



The super light hybrid down jacket Rendena has two special features: a completely newly developed, unbuttonable hood and an overlapping down chamber construction on the body and upper arm areas that prevents cold bridges. The down chambers are filled with 800 cuin RDS certified and DWR treated goose down (90/10). The warming down is protected by a light, robust and shiny CORDURA® 20D outer fabric – and a stylized YAK head.


Small pack size, light and warming. The Ata is the perfect hybrid jacket for ski tourers. Whether worn as a mid-layer or as an outer layer. Three different CORDURA® outer fabrics provide stretch, comfort, breathability and durability. Polartec® Alpha® Direct provides warmth on the chest and back, while the sleeves, side panels and hood are filled with Climashield® Apex.

The development of technical and functional clothing for sportspeople and mountaineers by BLACKYAK signifies the importance of technology in fashion. If you are an apparel brand or apparel manufacturer, you can also integrate fashion tech in your business model by employing sports apparel customization software. The software empowers your brand to offer customized sports clothing for different sports. Collaborate with iDesigniBuy for comprehensive customization solutions.

Source: PR Newswire