We Silver Jewels Starts to Offer Seasonal Sales and Flash Deals

HOUSTON: We Silver Jewels is rising in popularity among online shoppers. When it comes to jewelry, there are few online sites that are blindly trusted by the buyers, and here is one that has managed to earn its buyers’ faith. The site deals exclusively in wholesale silver jewelry and there are multiple factors that endear them to their buyers.


We Silver Jewels have a huge range of collection including but not limited to earrings, charms, rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, and so on. What is more intriguing about them is that they also offer themed jewellery, the said themes being horoscope signs, space, inspirational ideas, geometric shapes, nature, snacks and candies, and so on. They also design event specific jewellery for such occasions as Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and so on.


Tim Green, an executive from the company says, “We offer special discounts every now and then. Chances are, the shoppers will get to use the benefit of one discount or another any time they come to shop with us. Our products are offered at factory prices at all times anyway, and we try to provide our customers with the best jewelry supplies at the lowest possible prices.”


We Silver Jewels also accept bulk orders and they produce customized jewellery on demand. The Production Manager says, “The customers can tell us just what they need and we can design the exact same thing for them. They might also want a retouch on an existing product, and we expertise in that field as well. Only that in case of production orders, there is a minimum quantity and a minimum price for which the order must be place, and we should be allowed a certain amount of time to deliver the customized order.”


Presently, We Silver Jewels is offering their seasonal sales and flash deals. First time customers can avail a 5% discount on their purchase and the shipping charges are free. For normal orders, the delivery time is usually between 5 to 10 days.


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