OK Boomer: A Trend that Proves Customization Rules Apparel Industry

Social media has provided voice to millions. Recently, the power of social media was proved again when Gen Z used “OK Boomer” in response to a provocative video by a Baby Boomer on a social platform. “OK Boomer” is now one of the favorite terms of younger generations and is used by common men as well as office bearers to show their anger and frustration towards Baby Boomers.

Rebel Fashion

Interestingly, OK Boomer has also captured the attention of young entrepreneurs who are now selling different merchandise carrying this two word slogan. Thus, undeniably, OK Boomer offers immense scope for fashion brands as they leverage this trend to earn higher revenues.


How the “OK Boomer” Trend Came About?

“OK Boomer” has become a sensation these days. Originating on Tik Tok social media platform, it gained unprecedented traction on Twitter and other internet channels where Gen Z is expressing its irritation at the condescending attitude of baby boomer generation by wearing T-shirts saying, “OK Boomer”.

A hot topic for memes on social platforms “OK Boomer” has become Generation Z’s repeated retort to the problem of older people who targeting their modern ways and beliefs in a negative manner.

Who started “OK Boomer”?

“OK Boomer” is a generational conflict between millennials and Gen Z on one side and baby boomers on the other. It is like a refutation filled with sarcasm by a younger person towards someone older.

The “OK Boomer” phenomenon started with a viral audio clip

on Tik Tok in which an older man is denouncing the ways of Gen Z, to which a teenager retorts “Ok Boomer”.

Every new generation thinks their seniors had it easier in life in terms of comforts and opportunities. This rebellion of Gen Z is coming out in the open through fashion. Gen Z is using fashion to make their irritation vocal, by literally wearing their disgust against the Baby Boomer generation on their T-shirts!

How OK Boomer impacts the fashion industry

Now converted into a sophisticated mass retaliation to a rant thrown by a baby boomer, “OK Boomer” is revolutionizing the fashion industry as more and more youngsters are liking T-shirts and hoodies bearing “Ok Boomer,” first designed by an 18-year-old US art student, Shannon O’Connor.


First, of its kind, the T-shirt was sold with the phrase repeated seven times, followed by the tagline “Have A Terrible Day.”

This Gen Z’s generational slur has become a money-making machine as “OK Boomer” merchandise and fashion accessories are readily available in the market.

One can easily find T-shirts, sweaters, shirts, shoes, hoodies, jackets, mugs, laptop cases, mobile phone iPhone cases, and other accessories sporting the two-word slogan.

Numerous Gen Z entrepreneurs are making a fortune by selling “OK Boomer” merchandise.

Why your Fashion Brand Needs to Delight Both Generations

On the one hand, there are Gen Z and millennials who know what they want and are iron-willed to achieve it. They are tech-savvy and want every apparel and accessory to be personalized to their preferences. They enjoy wearing their status on their t-shirt or love the image of their inspiring icon on their hoodie. They also like to experiment with novelty by wearing unique outfits with a style statement. They love to revamp their wardrobe as the season changes and have a variety of costumes for every occasion custom-created to match with their personality.

On the other hand, there are Baby Boomers who have started adapting to tech and are looking for customized outfits and accessories. Though slowly, they are accepting the new ways of life and fashion and align with today’s digitally driven era.

Thus, as a responsible fashion brand, you need to traverse both ends of the generation spectrum. tide both generations and play it by their wishes.


How your Apparel Brand can Cater to Baby Boomers, Millennials and Gen Z customers

With apparel design software, it is now possible for you to delight all generations and offer them the privilege of designing and creating their own clothes. Apparel design software is a sophisticated tool with advanced capabilities that empowers your customers to add a personal touch to their apparel.

OK Boomer

Apparel design software is a customization tool that permits users to add colors, images, text, graphics, clipart, and logos on outfits available on your website. With fully automated capabilities, users can design their outfits without any human intervention and place their orders.

The software is an opportunity for business as modern customers need variety and fresh fashion. They have reasons to wear outfits and flaunt their style.

You can offer T-shirts, polo shirts, jeans, shoes, hoodies, jackets, and many other fashion styles with “OK Boomer” and numerous other favorite taglines of Baby Boomers, Millennials, and Gen Z customers.


OK Boomer went viral in 2019 and grabbed the attention of almost every generation. It is interesting to see how a small reaction can turn into a fashion fad proving how much this sentiment resonates with people. Undisputedly, youngsters have the power to make and break trends through digital media.

Your fashion brand can be a catalyst in this movement; empower your customers to set their own fashion trends.

With iDesigniBuy apparel design software, you can win millions of hearts, as you allow them to bring their imagination to their outfits.