Entice Fashion Influencers with 3D Fashion Design Software

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that today, brands heavily rely on digital content to appear as viable options in front of the audience. They need somebody to bridge the gap between them and the buyer and, therefore, are using an omnichannel strategy as damage control. Our best clothing design software works in a similar way and allows brands to showcase their collections on various platforms virtually.

 Online 3D Fashion Design Software Enables Companies to Entice Fashion Influencers

Online 3D Fashion Design Software Helps Brands Adopt Social Media Trends 


Fashion influencers are emerging as the biggest market for fashion brands as they help them eliminate exploitative practices by brands. This pattern can manifest when pay rates and other terms are opaque. Influencer marketing is expected to be a $15 billion industry globally by 2022; its nascency has resulted in a power dynamic tilted in favor of the brands who commission influencers as freelancers or contractors.


The influencer market has faced an inevitable backlash in rest to payments but the efficacy of the union’s hinges on whether or not brands will recognize them. According to Brittany Xavier, influencer and vice president of AIC, influencers have, in the past, demonstrated their work by generating revenue for brands, sometimes without credit. She was also quick to add, “We want to vocalize our position to platform leaders benefiting from our work. I want to take part in setting the standard for future generations of influencers.”


The Two unions in the UK and the US have formed to protect the rights of Instagram influencers — particularly people of color — as brands increasingly rely on them for content. Thus, targeting them is a must for the apparel brands as they have the power to convert potential buyers into loyal customers.


Here are specific ways to entice influencers to enhance your brand value:

  • Navigate Your Way Through Social Media


The world of social media may seem chaotic and ungovernable, but the tools exist to make sense of the chaos, react quickly to the trends it reveals, and even enable brands to stay a step ahead of it.  The apparel companies need to be a bit more proactive in dealing with social media and allow buyers to be attuned to what inspires them. It would help if you projected buyers as the helping hand to shape and guide the online conversation about your company and products. By doing so, you will have the agility to take advantage of new opportunities that arise on a moment’s notice.


Let’s consider Boohoo’s case that has always incorporated social media strategy to be an integral part of its success, with influencer endorsements enabling the brand to target and engage a young audience on Instagram in particular.



  • Opt for Flexible Supply Chain 


Once a company captures and analyzes social media data, it must be agile enough to respond quickly to the trends it discovers. And it is here where our design your own clothes virtually, customization software easily integrated with ERP solutions can help you analyze the data and adopt a flexible supply chain. The tool will enable you to position yourself better with real-time social media information. It’s essential to realize that brands that emphasize current trends will find agility relatively more valuable than brands that specialize in timeless classics.


  • Push for Recognition 


We live in a very diversified atmosphere, and the fashion business sector has been catapulted onto a fresh new platform of identity. This newly founded identity is about to squeeze out the limitations of yesteryears’ time and space and lead us to the new decade and beyond. There are brands from where others can learn and incorporate these strategies to look in the future.


Over the years, Dolce & Gabbana has found and developed talent and continues to do so in the 2020’s— as it strategically veers from famous actors and singers to suspenseful fashion influencers, by crossing the line and looking to the future. Although most of them are not household names yet, they quite often have millions of followers.



Final Verdict


Whether high-end brands realize this or not, social media influencers much determine their success. And the apparel companies need to understand how these social media drives can dominate fashion trends and disseminates opinions about their products. To take advantage of the social media platform presents, we have got your back. The 3d clothing design software by iDesigniBuy will help you to engage with customers in real-time and respond as close to real-time as possible.


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