Online Apparel Design Software: Paves Path for the Future Fashion

While the fashion industry has made strides in the area of inclusivity, yet buyers are still grappling with a standard sizing system and disposable purchases. Custom apparel has come to the rescue to revamp the business model as it enables brands to tailor each garment to the customer’s size, body type, and style preference. The online apparel design software provides innovative solutions that help fashion houses to meet the changing demands of the consumer.




By disrupting the standard sizing system, utilizing advanced technology and eliminating overstock, made-to-measure brands are positioned not just to survive in the short term, but also to pave the path for the future of fashion. The advantages of going custom speak for themselves, both in terms of fit and style. Customers can’t get anything better fit than something explicitly made for them. They also get to dial in every little detail of your preferred look, starting with fabric and pattern, with virtually unlimited choices. Still, this process goes down to things many who have only bought off the rack might never consider: lapel shape, cuff shape, cuff buttons, vents, lining, contrast stitching, pleats, and so much more.


Benefits of installing online apparel design software


  • The era of Smart size


The apparel selling companies can offer customers to virtually try predesigned clothes and receive feedback from them. The concept of the entire process is that it allows organizations to provide virtual fitting, and they won’t be killing each other’s time. A brand called Sene, a Los-Angeles based offers made-to-order clothes by a group of fashion, tech, and brand experts. It uses its integrated pattern technology to manufacture a correctly-sized garment. Customers have the option of changing some details to the clothing, too, like a straighter silhouette or longer length.


  • Promotes Quality


Another thing that is important than fitting is quality. As is the case with so many things, when it comes to custom fashion, what customers pay dictates to a considerable degree what they get. At the highly skilled shops on Jermyn Street in London, it is easy to spend two thousand dollars or more (maybe much more) on a new suit, but be rest assured, customers, know they are going to get the right product. By installing online fashion design software in your physical stores, you can provide the same opportunities to buyers as the leading fashion houses are providing.


Another example of better quality due to customization is InStitchu, as its customers get more than what they paid. The weight, feel, and quality are comparable to significantly pricier off the rack made-to-measure suits.


  • Caters Sustainability


Since we are facing the wrath of environmental problems in the name of COVID-19, it’s high time that brands incorporate sustainable business models. And what’s better than tailored clothes created with clothing design software that help in reducing wastage or dumping out of fashion apparel. Careste, a start-up that works intending to bring luxury couture to every woman’s wardrobe. This step would aid in reducing the waste used by mass production and environmental problems caused by synthetic fabrics.


  • Advanced Technology


Before buying, the customer must feel the need to buy the product, and when he is the one making it, it is implausible that the product won’t be purchased. Our software offers them the chance to preview what they have created with undo, cut, redo, paste, copy, and later add it to the cart. With the 3D preview design, the end-users get a 360-degree view of their clothes. Suit Kits’s, another brand offers made-to-measure apparel, powered by the 3-D imaging technology on its website, which allows customers to see themselves in the suits in real-time.


The custom apparel market rose to fame tremendously in the recent past. The industry provides an abundance of opportunities for medium-sized and small-sized apparel manufacturers and retailers. Installing online apparel design software, a solution by iDesigniBuy will ensure that you cater specific needs of customers and also make the transition process smooth for your business.


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