How Online Apparel Design Software Tackles Environment Problems?

As Ralph Lauren says, “Fashion isn’t necessarily about labels, it’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you.” The fashion industry has changed drastically over a period of years; now, it’s not about seasonal styles or what’s trending these days currently, it is all about what will sustain, and hence a new term “Sustainable Fashion” was coined.

How Online Apparel Design Software Tackles Environment Problems

Sustainable fashion means adapting to changes that serve greater ecological and social justice. Many of the top apparel brands, such as Zara, Levi’s, and others, have adopted the strategy of custom clothing. In case you haven’t, don’t panic, the online apparel design software enables your customers to customize the clothes of their choice digitally. Earlier wasted and dumped clothes have caused some of the other problems to the environment, but with the onset of customized apparel, the number of wasted garments has reduced significantly. The leading brand, such as Zara, has decided to use only sustainable clothes by 2025. They have also recently launched a customized denim jacket where you can get your name embroidered on it for free!


High time to realize online apparel design software is the key


Customization is on the rise these days, and another leading apparel company, Converse, has jumped into the scene of custom tailoring market for shoes. The current trends indicate that many of the leading brands in the fashion industry are following the trend of “sustainable fashion” very diligently. Recently, Good Housekeeping Institute Product Reviews carried out an experiment where the environmental consultant and fabric expertise listed out the top 10 brands of the apparel industry that are taking preventive measures and doing their bit to address social as well as environmental concerns. These studies should explain to you why everyone is adapting to the new changes in the business and what is its significance to the market.


Many environmental concerns can be addressed using the custom apparel market. Let’s walk through each of the problems first:


  • Hazardous Chemicals

We all know the manufacturing of garments requires a massive amount of dye, chemicals to be used in it. These chemicals are then poured down into the regular community water sources, which is later drunk by us, causing us significant life-threatening diseases.


  • Water Wastage

According to a recent report published on Common Objective, the fashion business uses 79 billion cubic meters of water per year, which accounts for 2% of all fresh water extracted globally. This statistic indicates that the industry uses more than 1/10th of the water than other types pf industries. Thus, causing draught like situation in many parts of the world.


  • Seasonal Change

New clothes are launched for every season, making the old clothes useless and be thrown away. These waste garments would then be dumped on the wasteland, and this cloth would remain there forever, owing to its non-degradable characteristics. The wardrobes had to fill with updated styles.


How Online Apparel Design Market to stay in the market forever?


To grapple with the issues mentioned above, the fashion industry came up with a unique and creative method; is called customized apparel. Through this medium, the end-users could design their clothes, patterns, fabrics, sleeves and whatever suits their personality. The business solved three significant problems with one shot,


  • Now that customers decide what they want, the manufactures will only have to make what is being demanded rather than creating a demand; now, they are the receivers.


  • Since a limited number of products are being sold and consumers are the real makers, there is a lesser scope of wastage.


  • The most significant solution, the consumers, get to virtually try on these clothes and make the necessary fit changes or requirements and also preview it before buying. Thus, there is less chance of cloth wasted by the company and, therefore, fewer environmental problems.


The main goal of customized apparel is to buy less and use longer. On similar lines, the clothing design software functions, when installed on your business site, it enables your consumers to view the e-catalogs from where they can select a cloth that they wish to customize according to them. They can design their outfit right from buttons and zips to shirts and blazers. Every need related to fashion can be achieved using the software.


The new fashion tool guarantees success to the manufacturers as it doesn’t come at the expense of your business profits. Until now, just the leading companies have adopted the custom apparel technique; you have the available resources to seize the opportunity and become one of the chief competitors to these leading brands. Also, people following leading brands already are aware of this technology, so you get an added benefit in two cases. First of all, you already have a consumer base ready, second of all, they are prepared to pay premium prices for the custom apparel. Hence, you won’t have to do much work but integrate the software with your site.


The online apparel design software by iDesigniBuy, gives your brand competitive leverage through which you would stand out from the rest of the companies. It’s an integrated channel developed after well-thought researches and development. Let’s give wings to your business, taking you to great heights.

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