Online Jewelry Design Software Helps Rebounding in the Luxury Market

The time has come where brands must focus more on bringing in more people from diverse backgrounds rather than just posting pictures or supporting posts only when trending in social media platforms. These are tough calls to take for brands operating in the fashion sector except the jewelry sector. This domain has always been more inclusive and more robust even during the time of COVID-19. Therefore, it is considered the safest and most profitable business to function in. If you are wondering how to keep the audiences entertained, you are at the appropriate website. Our best jewelry design software will help you and your buyers personalize their own unique men’s and women’s custom jewelry.



Online Jewelry Design Software Helps Brands to Rebound in the Luxury Market


Owning customized jewelry has been in trend for years, but since social media and digital technologies have come into play, buying made-to-order ornaments have become even more popular. Brands have reported receiving more orders year-year, and the trend doesn’t seem to be moved by any hindrances. Instead, there’s a need for brands to rebuild their marketing strategies to entice more buyers with novel customization solutions.


Here are a few ways to capture buyers’ attention:

  • Rising preferability in Millennials 


Brands have been aware for a while now that diversified marketing is good business. Consumers have made their desire for more inclusive marketing clear for years, with 69 percent of Gen Z and millennials saying they think it’s positive for brands to feature diverse models in an ad, according to research from Ypulse. And brands have to cultivate these opportunities with the help of social media powerhouse. The digital influencers are a great target audience to start with, and when they form 100 percent loyalty in your brand, their followers would also come to you.



  • Increasing Use of Technology


The new phase involves customization that is not only aesthetic in nature — choosing the blue item instead of the red one, for example — but also based on features unique to the customer, such as the shape of feet or a silhouette of a favorite image turned into jewelry.  If you are uncertain on how technology can drive your business, you can ask for a free demo on jewelry design and see the magic.


  • Growing Demand for Accountability 


Today’s consumers are hyper-discerning and critical, particularly millennial and Gen Z shoppers. Social media has reshaped how consumers interact with brands, observes Brian Lee, senior principal for marketers at Gartner. While discussing with Vogue Business he says “We’ve seen multiple missteps from brands first emerge through social media and become a broader outrage before the press covers it. Platforms like Twitter and Instagram are at the forefront of this movement of democratizing and publicizing grievances with luxury brands.”


  • Gaining Traction Through Influencers 


As mentioned above, social media influencers play a huge role in establishing and demolishing your brand within a few days through tweets or Instagram posts. The jewelry designers should realize the importance of this shift and emerge or at least showcase themselves as someone who is transparent. Influencers value companies that are honest and perceive it as an encouraging sign of including people, the environment, and society in general.



  • Bridging the gap Between Consumers and Artisans 


The most significant step to gain people’s attention is to bridge the gap between designers and people. Though we have highlighted the significance of transparency in the above paragraph, even then, brands must know what exactly customers are seeking. And customization is the best solution to cater to all these demands as it allows buyers to come up with their creative ideas and work in collaboration with designers to create unique designs.


  • Rising Needs for Personal Touch 


Everyone knows the significance of social media. It has been highlighted many times on various platforms, but what brands may seem to be missing is the role of private messaging and micro-communities. We all have been carried away by the advancements in the digital world, but we shouldn’t forget the other conventional social platforms. Let’s take the example of beauty brand Glossier, experimented with Slack, best known as a workplace messaging tool, launching a dedicated channel for around 1,000 of its most engaged fans. The beauty company had gleaned valuable feedback in the form of Instagram comments, tweets and emails, posts in its 19,000-member “Into The Gloss” Facebook group, and posts on the independent R/Glossier subreddit. Similarly, you can also use the same strategy to gain insight into what customers want and plan your jewelry designs accordingly.



As more industries are joining the league of customization bandwagon, your brand must stand out from the crowd. Several big brands are adding customization options to extend their product lines and increase sales. Still, with smart strategies, you can enhance your customer satisfaction and relevancy in the luxury market. The design your own 3d printed jewelry by iDesigniBuy will help you with its high-speed connectivity and latest solutions to make the most of the situation.


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