Product Customization: Bringing Higher eCommerce Growth

Everyone looks for attention or wants to be at the center of attraction.


Tell me – do you know anyone who doesn’t want to stand out from the crowd?


Now, if you own an e-commerce store, step into your customer’s shoes and imagine why you would love a personalized product. You certainly wouldn’t buy anything similar to someone standing next to you, right?


Product Customization Bringing Higher Business Growth in Ecommerce Arena


If it’s on me, I’d say I’d be jealous of seeing the same product.


So, what you think is a possible solution?


To deal with this business bottleneck, product customization has become a hotly crafted strategy, as well as a trend in the e-commerce industry worldwide.


Think about purchasing a product from an e-commerce store where you think you can personalize/customize it to your liking.


Don’t you feel like you’re on cloud nine?


Before we jump into “As a shop owner why should you fall in love with product personalization?”, Let’s give a brief idea about personalization:


What is Product Customization and how it helps? 


Personalization/customization of a product – When you are buying a product from an online store, i.e., T-shirt, if personalization option is available, you will be able to –


  • Adding text or graphics by own.
  • Choose your finished color for the design or product to match your personality or brand
  • Choose size
  • Configure products (based on available options)
  • Add team roster (name and number)
  • View live price quotes based on your selection and stay within your budget
  • Preview your designed product before placing final order
  • Add anything imaginable


7 Reasons why E-retailers like Product Customization


  • Product personalization dominates
  • Product personalization fits the startup perfectly
  • Customer psychology is easy to understand
  • Provides the best customer experience and gain their loyalty
  • Increases your conversion rate
  • Makes you stand out from the crowd
  • Reduces your production costs by automating order processing


Product Customization dominance:


Stats show that by 2021, the number of online shoppers will enhance by 2.14billion, and in 2022, eRetail is estimated to grow by the US $ 6.54 trillion.


Being an eCommerce enterprise owner, imagine having only 0.001% of conversations successfully and check the growth and revenue of the business in a few years. Now, you know why one should like to customize the product in stock.


Product personally fits STARTUPS directly:


Startups or entrepreneurs often lack the necessary capital and resource. In such cases, thinking about the stock is nothing short of a luxury. The same is true for e-commerce store owners (not all but many).


This does not mean that you will give up and tap out!


With every obstacle in life, there is always a way in an enterprise.


If one can go for print on demand for this, they can quickly solve the problem; all you need is an excellent online store set-up and the right place for your business.


Now a question may come to your mind that – how can provide personalization of the product help here?


Successful integration of the right product customizer/personalization enables self-personalization features for your customers where they can select products, choose colors or sizes or quantities, use logos or graphics, etc. The overall design can be priced according to taste. As a store owner, you are getting a print-ready PDF / SVG file.


The next task you do is to send the file to your pre-contact print-on-demand service where the product will be manufactured and shipped directly to your customer.


You do not have any catalog or print service of your own, yet you are fully trading on the back of your laptop.


Understanding customers is easy:


If one does not have a precise understanding of the customer’s psychology, then the business is in danger.


Through the personalization options of the product, within a short period, you gain an in-depth understanding of the type of design customers choose, along with texts, colors, and logos, etc.


Through feedback, you will come to know what improvements are needed in your customization options. And by enhancing them, one can take care of the customer’s needs and satisfaction.


Needless to say, the more your customers are happy with the service, the more they are likely to return to your store for the next purchase.


Provide the best customer experience while earning loyalty:


The human mind is full of complications about thoughts and ideas. Hence, it is tough for the choice of customers in the business, especially when we talk about eCommerce business.


Product personalization is giving them a chance to design their products according to their taste.


Personalized designs make customers happier:


Signing with your desired product in hand with your customer satisfaction, you have their loyalty that they will revisit your store and remember the best customer experience you have given.


Ensure a fast movement of inventory: 


Just imagine, you have an eCommerce store where you sell apparel. You have warehouse space/stock of the products.


Do you think it is feasible to cope with rapidly evolving trends with a year-old product?


It sounds heartbreaking, but in today’s changing market, your products, which are one year old, may be outdated.


The only way to ensure yourself from financial disaster and to run your business smoothly is to adopt the new custom of product personalization so that your customers can design their products that fit the trend perfectly.


Enhance conversion rates:


It is one of the biggest concerns of e-retailers; however, with product customization in your arsenal, you need not worry about conversions.


Your sales funnel expands as more and more customers are attracted to your brand that gives them complete creative liberty to play with the designs as they create their personal style.


Steal the Show and stand tall: 


There is almost 12 to 24 million eCommerce business that is active worldwide currently.


This is one hell of terrible news, isn’t it?


To stand tall in the crowd and grab attention in contestants’ shows, you must do something different than others are not yet offering.


Product personalization/customization is something that gives your customers countless designs for your product as well as various customization options. In this way, you are giving the best customer experience and valid reasons for coming back from your store and making a purchase.


Reduce your production by automating the order process:


Last but not least, product personalization allows you to reduce your production costs with incredibly easy order processing.


How? Let’s find out: 


Product personalization allows you to make your business hassle-free by streamlining the maintenance of inventory and reducing the cost of hiring in-house designers (here is the customer designer). Apart from this, it is also protecting you from creating a sample for customers.


Say, for example – a web-based product optimization solution/application such as a product customizer adds all the features (mentioned at the beginning of this article) from adding text or graphics or logos to the chosen product and make it available for preview.


Finally, it lets you download a print-ready vector file (SVG / PDF) or a high-resolution transparent PNG / JPG after an order placed by your customer. Therefore, you can now send the data directly to your manufacturer or production house, and then the shipping company you send will ship your product to your customer’s doorstep.


Just a few clicks do the entire order processing on your computer screen without being physically involved.


Summing up:

So, now you know the psychology of your customers and prospects as well as the vast e-commerce industry.

Being an eCommerce owner, for facing the highly competitive market, try integrating self-personalization features with the online store, which enables the customers to design the products and give wings to your business.

And, hundreds of web-based product customizers are available on the online platform to make personalization/customization easier. Therefore, if you are struggling to increase your conversion rate, then it is high time for you to fall in love with the customization and integrate product customization software with your eStore.

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