Product Customization- Why Is It in Rise Today?


Even a decade ago, customized products were pretty much limited to a small circle of brands and items. It mainly comprised of gifting items, showcase products, or marketing merchandise. To be very specific, you could count the amount of personalized items on the fingers of one hand. However, with the running stride of time, a lot has changed. From the sellers of pretty much everything, from dresses and shirts to handbags and even consumer packaged goods, are discovering the unbeatable advantages of product customization. More and more brands are finding out that customization of products and services is a great way to enhance customer loyalty and engagement. In this post, we will delve deeper into the world of product personalization. What are the prime gains of such an approach? And how does the rise of online product customization software affect the contemporary e-commerce industry?


Product Customization Software


Everybody loves a personal touch in everything he/she orders. This is especially true in today’s scenario when online shopping has become a much-hyped stance, which allows you to order the product of your choice from the comfort of your own house. Furthermore, the significant rise in the number of online stores has given customers a wide array of buying options to choose from. And this is where product customization comes into play. Companies that implement product customization, design, alter and market their items to the customer’s exact needs or desires. Thanks to the rise of Big Data, manufacturers, developers and online stores are increasingly finding innovative ways to present customized products and services to their customers. Product personalization offers an umbrella of benefits and generally leads to higher conversion rates. This blog post is going to show you why product customization has now captivated one’s interest like never before.

There is no doubt that we live in an extreme commercial age. This means that there are abundant products and services out there. Online shoppers are quite aware of the same. In such context, well-targeted product customization gives your online store the chance to stand tall by fine-tuning the products and services. Personalization is a great way to discriminate your products and services from those of your competitors.

Offering customized items is a major stepping stone towards accomplishing high levels of trust and client reliability. Basic psychology dictates that people tend to like stuff that shouts out loud ‘this is me’. Customized products take into account this need. They align items with core character traits and values of the customer and facilitate individual expression. At the same time, they invoke a strong sense of proprietorship.

Furthermore, modern e-commerce developments have made it possible for buyers to purchase their customized products without a whole lot of effort. Consumer-choice bundling is a form of product customization that combines individuality and the need for popular products to be available in abundance. Some brands have taken product customization one step further and even grant buyers the freedom to design a unique, wholly personalized item that will be built to order. The customer can usually choose from a range of features, which can be added to the basic design.

Rising conversion rates are good news. Be that as it may, over the long haul you need yet more. Expanding recurring conversion, customer backing and maintenance is the genuine key to the long-term accomplishment of your online store. Some research led by Ecoconsultancy demonstrated that post purchase loyalty programs which contain customized offers are among the essential elements when it comes to encouraging repeat purchases. The reason? Customer retention is mainly built on forging durable brand-customer relationships and familiarity.  Personalization is a form of e-commerce that is perfectly suited for nurturing these two important building stones of customer loyalty. In addition to receiving free shipping on all orders, customers should be the first to receive information about new products and reap the benefits of an easy one-step checkout. The icing on the cake is: loyal shoppers also receive rewarded points for purchases. These points are redeemable for exclusive gift cards.

Translucency and simplicity are the two most vital parts of product customization. Don’t you like to give your customers the chance to plan their own products? Ensure you offer them a transparent and simple plan strategy to work with. If the online design process is too complicated, difficult or unattractive, a lot of potential shoppers will be turned off. A review directed by Forbes Magazine demonstrated that interest for customization tumbles off steeply if consumers think they could be stuck with an item they don’t really like.

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