Suit Design Tool Helps Adopting Digital Transformation

Anticipating what customers is a daunting task during routine situations, but it got even more challenging when the pandemic outbroke. These circumstances have made it clear that companies need to be prepared for ever-changing conditions and need to adapt to manage the now and tomorrow of the fashion industry. Our suit customization software will help apparel brands to get accustomed to the changing trends and understand the dynamic economies associated with the business.


Suit Design Tool Enables Digital Transformation


As we all know, the coronavirus has upended businesses and economies and changed consumer behavior, not just because of lockdowns or the inability to shop freely. Intrinsic responses have changed, with Covid-19 affecting many on a deeply personal and human level, watching the tragedy unfold first other parts of the world and then their own. Therefore, people are more likely to indulge in other shopping behavior which is safe and secure. Research by the EY Future Consumer Index by Ernst & Young advocates this notion. According to the results, 51 percent of consumers surveyed say that the shop will fundamentally change because of the coronavirus crisis.


Now, when the situation around us has changed so much, why should companies not change? They have to rethink, raise their expectations of how to run their company. The pressure of customers expecting positive behavior from brands’ end is already given, but now the sword of transparency is also hanging over the head of company owners. This is the time where you display your actions to them so that they can learn to trust you all over. The EY Future Consumer Index study mentions that consumers are changing how and when they shop, with many using multiple, digital channels on a grander scale or for the first time. Many of these behaviors will stick. When the world reboots, we’ll have a new operating system. Let’s not be naïve, and brands must keep a finger on the pulse of these unique needs, putting humans at the center of their response, while embracing technology at speed and innovation at scale.


Here are some ways to deal with the changes:


  • Offering Digital Touchpoints 


The need to engage with customers is felt by the companies more than ever. The digital touchpoints have helped fashion brands survive during a crisis and would be crucial for organizations to stay relevant during a prolonged period of recovery. Businesses have to prioritize their investments in technology. Transforming their business model with digital solutions is the need of the hour. With the transformation comes developing customer journey maps to identify where physical touchpoints can be replaced by digital ones to add the most value to the customer experience.


  • Creating a Brand Image 


By creating relevant brand messages that are consistent with your values, articulate your response to the crisis, and deliver it across a prioritized set of channels. Companies will need to be mindful of ensuring communication is reliable and consistent with mitigating the risk of brand damage while balancing the challenges of new operating cost restraints. The custom suits, a customization software is built on Javascript/HTML5 that runs on all devices and platforms so that you can communicate with your customers.


  • Providing Resilience


You can’t sustain in the fashion market for a long time if you don’t improve your focus on customers. Organizations must build ongoing customer insight platforms that help identify opportunities for product feedback/listening. Designing new styles, services, and products is essential to cater to the demand of customers. And letting them create their own technique would give companies an added advantage with digital channels. The digital customization solutions help brands not only to increase sales channel; it can also help companies adopt cost structures and make each step of the value chain better, faster, and cheaper.


  • Building Trust 


Email, social media, and other digital channels have seen significant spikes in usage during the crisis. These have helped companies not only in establishing communication but also building trust among the customer base. Organizations will need to reflect these changes by focusing on new priorities, using multiple channels, and creating more authentic, human-cantered customer engagement strategies to build integrity and trust.


Closing Comments- 


There is no denying the fact that it was the fashion industry that was hit hard the most, but it doesn’t mean we give up. If fashion brands lead with empathy and undertake bold actions in digital and analytics—especially in the e-commerce for digitizing essential functions, these steps will prove to give them the competitive advantage and strengthen their business for an omnichannel, digital-centered next normal. The made-to-measure suits by iDesigniBuy is designed to help you generate more leads, fulfill new generation customers, close deals faster, and sell service in smarter ways.


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