Sustainable Fashion Business ideas for 2020

Are you a budding entrepreneur who is looking for some serious business ideas?

Do you see yourself successfully running a business venture in the fashion industry in the coming years?

Do you want to cater to environmentally conscious customers in the fashion vertical?


Sustainable Fashion Business ideas for 2020


If you find yourself struggling with such questions, this article will help you to move on the right track. 


The fashion industry is growing worldwide. With advanced technologies and higher disposable income, access to fashion has increased manifolds. People love to explore fashion brands and ideas to find apparel and accessories that reflect their style statement. Additionally, modern customers are also looking for sustainable fashion, a fashion that stays for long and doesn’t fade away with time. Opposite to fast fashion where trends change overnight forcing brands to discard piles of garments, sustainable fashion refers to the creation of such apparel that a user never wants to give away, or he/ she can wear them for years. This is only possible when the user gets emotionally attached to the apparel and feels confident and stylish after adorning it.


Thus, if you want to enter into the fashion industry, fashion customization is the best niche where you can start your business. Moreover, you do not need significant infrastructure, a pool of workforce, and large capital to start these businesses.


Here are some profitable ideas that would help you to make your mind.

  1. Online Product Customization Business
  2. Online Men’s Apparel Customization Business
  3. Online Women’s Apparel Customization Business
  4. Online Tailoring Business


Let’s explore these business ideas in detail to understand how you can start them and what the benefits of these businesses are.


Online Product Customization Business: We are living in a digital era where every piece of merchandise is available online, and people love to shop online. Secondly, personalization and customization are trending everywhere. People love to buy things, gifts, souvenirs, and fashion accessories that match their personality and style statement.


So, online product customization is the brightest idea you can opt for in 2020. All you have to do is to integrate product customization software with your business website. There are tech providers who offer comprehensive packages where you can get a website built and product customization software integrated into it.


With product customization software, your customers can customize every item available on your website, including caps, mugs, hats, laptop and mobile skins, men and women shoes, women handbags, socks, and jewelry. The software is a state-of-the-art tool loaded with superior features that allow customers to customize every detail of the merchandise. They can add images, logos, monograms, clipart, text, and quotes of their choice on the product. Along with it is possible to change the color by choosing from a rich palette of colors.


Online Men’s Apparel Customization Business: Fashion is now no more restricted to women. Nowadays, men are equally concerned about their image and invest heavily in fashion apparel that makes them look stylish and elegant. Customized clothing can immensely help your male patrons to design their own garments. With men’s apparel customization software, you can cater to your online customers and empower them to create their own wardrobe, including T-shirts, formal shirts, polo shirts, tuxedo, suit, trousers, jeans, jackets and hoodies in 2020.


When you integrate a men’s apparel customization software with your store website, it becomes easy for you to target customers who look for fashion on runways or with reputed brands. The software empowers them to imitate runway fashion and create their own designs that inspire them to flaunt in casual and formal settings.


Thus, online men’s apparel customization is another niche that holds immense potential to flourish while serving the fashion-lovers competitively. The software is scalable and can be easily integrated with any ecommerce platform.


Online Women’s Apparel Customization Business: Women have always loved fashion. From supermodels to working women to house-makers, every woman likes to carry her own style that reflects her personality and boost her confidence. Women’s apparel customization software business will be the best option if you desire to cater to female patrons. This business will allow your customers to design T-shirts, polo shirts, formal shirts, dresses, skirts, gowns, one-pieces, sweatshirts, tank tops, and many more.


When you plan to launch a women’s apparel customization business, it will become easier to offer the latest designs and styles to your customers. Apparel customization software allows users to work on every detail of the apparel and add images, logos, texts, graphics, monograms, and clipart of their choice. The users can also choose color and fabric from a pre-loaded library.


Thus, online women’s apparel customization business can help your business to get a strong foothold in the online apparel industry in 2020. The software is compatible with multiple devices and can be integrated with any ecommerce platform.


Online Tailoring Business: Tailoring has been a popular business in many markets. However, with the advent of advanced technology, customers are looking forward to such retailers who can offer tailoring services online. Thus, online tailoring business is a good option if you already have a tailoring business but want to reach online customers and gain a competitive advantage.


Online tailoring business is an excellent opportunity to attract fashionistas. With fashion design software, your customers can design their own garments with a perfect fit and pattern of their choice. Many customers do not find perfectly fitted apparel, thus ending up with sub-optimal decisions. Your online tailoring business can bridge the gap between fashion and its lovers with customization.


The options mentioned above are leading business ideas that would help you to gain success in 2020.


  1. Register a robust online presence
  2. Attract a massive base of customers
  3. No need to maintain substantial stockpiles
  4. Production on demand
  5. Offer made-to-order fashion
  6. Help customers to wear bespoke apparel
  7. Gain a competitive edge
  8. Leverage technology to stay ahead of the curve
  9. Huge base of loyal customers
  10. Reduced return rates
  11. Reduced turnaround time
  12. Increased customer satisfaction


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