How T-shirt Design Software can Uphold Brands During Pandemic?

The outbreak of coronavirus has paralyzed the business of all industries, and primarily the fashion domain. The small companies have entirely shut, and they don’t have enough money to keep their operations running. Realizing the suffering and the challenges they are facing, many leading

houses of the sector have come forward to support them. In this movement, customized t-shirts have been of great help as people are using it for donation, fundraising, and many more. The custom t-shirt design software, with its customization strategies, enables brands to perform these social activities and back the small-scale industries.



 How T-shirt Design Software Aids Brands to Do their Bit During COVID-19?


  • Support Local Businesses


Those who want to support small businesses can show their love through a new line of T-shirts created during the novel coronavirus pandemic. The new Lorain County Strong shirts are a fundraiser for a new grant program designed to help small businesses trying to stay afloat during closures and stay-at-home orders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new Lorain County Strong T-shirt has a red, white, and blue logo printed by Big Frog Custom T-Shirts & More. The locally owned shirt shop is in Avon Commons, 35878 Detroit Road in Avon. The owner of Big Frog, Cathy Kingsley, says, “How can I give back with so many people in need and so many people with the ability to help others? This is just a neat way of doing it.”  Big Frog and the Lorain County Chamber of Commerce have launched a new “Lorain County Strong” T-shirt sale that raises money for a relief fund for small businesses struggling with closures and stay-at-home orders during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Kingsley also has created an online store for other small businesses and non-profits to sell shirts, so supporters can wear their logos and donate $10 back to the organizations involved. The remaining money covers the cost of the shirt, printing, and the online store that allows shoppers to order print-on-demand shirts. The customized t-shirt selling companies are not only backing up SMEs of the fashion domain, but they are also helping small-sized restaurants in the time of need. Big Frog Custom Printed T-Shirts, located on 5104 Cedar Street, is donating $10 of each custom t-shirt sale back to the restaurant of each customer’s choice. The coronavirus pandemic has also struck the local restaurants in Houston.

The t-shirt design online is a customization tool that allows your customers to design their apparel online and pay online. If you integrate it on your website, the customers won’t have to step out and come to your stores. It also enables you to do business in the “new” way and promotes stay-at-home.

  • Joining Forces


Some are supporting local businesses by raising funds through their unique personalized apparel, while others are forming joint ventures to help domestic workers and artisans. Visit Franklin has launched a fundraising campaign in partnership with Twine Graphics to raise funds to support recovery efforts for Williamson County visitor-facing businesses that have been affected by COVID-19 closures.

An “In This Together” T-shirt can be purchased with 100% of proceeds going directly to support the local tourism industry and help local businesses. Visit Franklin President and CEO Ellie Westman Chin said, “There are so many of our local businesses and hospitality partners that have been severely affected by COVID-19, and we want to do all we can to support them. As an organization, we will be attracting visitors back to our community when the time is right, as they bring a tremendous economic boost. In the meantime, we as a local community can rally around these friends and neighbors of ours and support their businesses by shopping from them online, getting a meal from their curbside pickup or buying a T-shirt.

  • Donation for NHS Hospitals


Hundreds of brands are supporting the NHS through products they’re selling while several high street stores are offering discounts for care workers – and ASOS have got involved with a tee you’ll genuinely want in your wardrobe. With a price tag of £20, 100 percent of the profits from every seller will be matched by ASOS and donated to Barnsley Hospital Charity and University College London Hospitals Charity UK.



To sum it up, in the time of crisis, the fashion brands have shown that they can move beyond profit and loss, and show their more human side to the world. They are coming forward to support those in need by donating or raising funds, and sometimes becoming partners with other brands. The customization has been of great help as it enabled them to let their customers design and sale that raises money for a relief fund for small businesses struggling with closures and stay-at-home orders during the novel coronavirus pandemic. The t-shirt design tool by iDesigniBuy offers the latest customization solutions coupled with digital technology to t-shirt selling organizations that will allow them to succeed even during adversities.

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