How Tailoring Solution Software Enables Brands Spur Online Sales?

The holiday season is here, which will certainly lead to more flow of revenue and more conversion rates for the fashion industry. However, with so many physical stores closed, the onus now lies on the apparel companies to make the most of the opportunities presented before it. As people are buying more from ecommerce storefronts, thanks to technology, mobile commerce, and lockdown, it was crucial for brands to take the baton from here and take the help of fashion-tech companies that can further advance their business. The 3d clothing design online is one such solution that only spurs and expands the market reach of an apparel brand but also enables it to offer marvelous customer experiences that make shopping memorable for a lifetime. The tool is well-designed to help companies understand and act upon the sector’s recent trends and help people create something that depicts their fashion style.

 How Tailoring Solution Software Enables Brands Spur Online Sales

Tailoring Solution Software Offers Solutions to Thrive in the Apparel Market 


The fashion industry had seen the worst days when the retailers were constantly losing a third of their revenue to returns. And during the time of Coronavirus, some orders were canceled by brands and some by customers. Either way, the retailers were facing some of their hardest days, as more products were returning, causing them to bear heavy costs and firing some of their employees. ROI Revolution notes that “Global retail sales are expected to dip by 5.7% this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, online purchases of clothing are up 76.7%, with online revenue up 22.2% – but average order value down 54.5%”.  As the wind is changing its direction, these fashion houses have the golden opportunity to bounce back and take the sector by weep with smart strategies. Let us look at the various ways the fashion sector can redeem itself.


Here are pointers that will enable brands to reclaim their lost territory in the clothing business:


  • Increasing User Engagement Solutions 


The inception of online business has changed the landscape for brands to operate on, and as a result, they have to work on creating a new standard in the business. It is crucial for brands to at the moment to accept the fact that they have been caught off-guard, and they have to pull up their socks as they are still not in a condition to replicate the success of physical stores. Because of this gap, three times as many products are returned after an online purchase than in-store, which hurts the environment, wastes resources, and limits profit. Anyways, whatever has been done and said is in the past.

Now the prime focus of brands should be on increasing user engagement. The big question that arises is how can be done, and the answer is simple, let your customers take the driving seat and determine what is good for them. This is called customization, a process that allows customers to take part in the design of the product they wish to buy. These days this process can also be implemented while your customers are shopping, that is, displaying the product they would like to purchase in 3d and suggesting them other options. Another way to attain this would-be by showing the content of their favorite influencer or superstar on the screen and help them translate their imagination into reality.

User-generated content is a direct line to the consumer and, therefore, a great resource for learning more about your customers and how they feel about your products. And to surface product issues before returns become a larger problem. Retailers can choose to incorporate a “Shop the Look” page, displaying their items worn by influencers or current customers to encourage shoppers to browse further and provide inspiration as they can see the item on someone like themselves. User-generated content can help not only with establishing social proof for brands but also to underline a more authentic brand image.

  • Using Try-on Options 


We all are aware that one of the most damaging aspects of the pandemic has been social distancing and not touching any public item. Therefore, people refrain from trying out clothes even if they come to your in-store. But, don’t worry, technology has a solution to cure this problem. With artificial intelligence coming into the picture, augmented and virtual reality leading from the front, it is not challenging anymore for brands to let their customers try-out outfits they want to buy. Though this idea had been going rounds for a while, no one has quite got the details right, until recently. If this seems unreal to you, implement our 3d fashion design software that enables your customers to get their apparel fit virtually. ‘Try Before You Buy’ is a wonderful concept that empowers customers to get a hands-on experience of how apparel is manufactured before they buy it. Our customization solutions also enable your customers to create their designs and visualize them in 3D before placing an order.

Visual media not only allowed us to view runway shows remotely but gave us access to designers’ inspirations along with intriguing conversations and experiences. The post-show dialogue between Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons was a major highlight. At the same time, John Galliano and Nick Knight’s film for Maison Margiela added entertaining drama and theatrics that truly enhanced the show experience.

Marks & Spencer has launched a new contact-free bra fit service at 64 of its biggest stores in England & Wales in the latest example of a retailer adapting to Covid-19.


  • Using Photos and Video Games


It is well-known that high-quality images generally don’t appear attractive on a retailer’s website. Still, they are also more likely to produce high-quality results when using online try-on technology. With fast internet now widely available, high-resolution images should not be a problem either for the customer.


Many leading fashion-tech companies work best with high-quality images, and standard model poses. When their software is installed into a brands’ website, the shoppers are interested in buying things from there. To complement the visuals, be sure to add a detailed product description, such as features, style, and fit, material composition, and model measurements, to ensure that shoppers receive exactly what they expect, further decreasing the likelihood of returns. Many brands have used this strategy to gain momentum in the fashion market.


Make an Informed Choice-

From the pointers mentioned above, it is evident that the fashion industry has drastically changed over the past couple of years, and more so in the last 7-8 months. With physical stores closing up, one after the other, the online brands have a wide scope to capitalize on this trend and up-surge their sales. Technology is one such crucial factor that brands can’t afford to ignore, as it is the primary reason people are increasingly moving towards online shopping. The better services brands provide, the more are the chances for them to thrive in the apparel market. The 3d fashion design software by iDesigniBuy is a leading fashion-tech company enabling apparel labels to enhance their customer services while excelling in sales and revenue. The customization tool is developed to accommodate the dynamic customer’s needs and allows them to view everything in 3d, right from selection to payment process.


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