Update your brand offerings for holiday season 2019 with customized apparels


Holiday spirit has already struck the US market. Online retailers and leading brands are geared up to entice customers this holiday season. With Halloween on October 31, there will be an official kick start of 2019 holidayseason till Christmas. However, people have already started shopping for Halloween and are keenly waiting for Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Green Monday, and Super Saturday to revamp their wardrobe with the latest collections. The five days beginning from Thanksgiving Day to Cyber Monday represent some of the busiest shopping days of the year as consumers shop in stores and online. In 2018, more than 165 million Americans bought through different channels over the same period.



According to Salesforce Commerce Cloud Data, ecommerce sales are expected to reach $136 billion from November 1 to December 31, 2019. It further reveals that 50% of the holiday revenue will be reaped by the end of Cyber week (December 6). National Retail Federation says that holiday retail sales during November and December are forecast to be $730.7 billion. Thus, winter holidays are the topmost consumer spending event with average planned spending of $1007.24.

Moreover, retailers start putting holiday merchandise and apparel on the shelves as October begins. The reason is apparent as people like to spread out their spending by buying in advance.



What are your plans to attract shoppers during the year’s biggest buying season?

How can you update brand offerings to earn higher revenue?

How are brands going to emerge as winners while fulfilling consumer expectations?

The answer lies in Customization

Customization is a concept where apparel and other merchandise can be explicitly designed to cater to the needs of customers. Customized garments resonate with mood, likings, taste, experiences, style, and status of the buyers. Customized apparels are way beyond regular clothing as they bring a unique style statement and give a differentiated appearance to buyers.


How Can Customized Apparels help you reap higher revenue this Holiday season?


As mentioned above, customized apparels give a touch of personalization to the users. They feel special and emotionally connected when they get to wear attire that carries a quote that symbolizes them or an image that represents their belief. Such outfits are not readily available in stores and can be designed on request.


For example, for Thanksgiving, a buyer would prefer to buy t-shirts for his beloved friends with a special message printed on every piece. Or for Halloween, a buyer would like to design a pair of spooky jeans for himself with a unique look, or another buyer would go for a vampire t-shirt with his name printed on it. There can be many possibilities that customization can bring to customers’ shopping carts.


Additionally, customers are on a shopping spree and do not mind paying premium prices for acquiring unique apparel exclusively designed for their beloved ones. NRF says that holiday sales are more profitable because the volume of purchase increases without a much increase in retailers’ fixed costs. So, chances to earn profits are quite higher.

How can you offer customized apparel?


It is now easy for you to offer customized outfits online. With iDesigniBuy’s Apparel Design Software, you can update your brand offerings by empowering your customers to create their own apparel during this shopping season. Apparel Design Software is an advanced tool that integrates with your website and permits users to choose their apparel and customize it by adding images, texts, logos, color schemes, and patterns of their choice.


Holiday season is one of the most significant shopping events in the country, and every retailer is strategizing to maximize revenue streams. Customized apparels are an excellent option to serve customers who are going to flaunt their style with differentiated outfits.


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