Upgrade Your Fashion Designing Business with iDesigniBuy Apparel Design Software

Do you know, according to Statista, the revenue in the US Apparel Industry sums to US$348,300m in 2019 and is expected to increase annually by 1.9% CAGR from 2019-2023. And, being a clothing business owner, your target should be to get a piece of that growing industry. To achieve that you need to learn about the latest trends in the market and upgrade your business accordingly.


Fashion Design Software


Over the years, people have started enjoying shopping online, and now they want everything at their fingertip, which led to the evolution in the ecommerce industry. To stay competitive and stay ahead of the competitors, business owners have to come up with some out-of-the-box ideas related to their products. And customization is one of the latest trends in the fashion world.

The fashion industry is one such domain that has witnessed up and down in terms of trends. No trends have been sustained in the industry for a longer period of time; however, customization seems to be here for long run and if you are a business owner of clothing business or a fashion designer who is looking to offer customization on your web-store and confused from where to get the ultimate tailoring software for your business?

Don’t worry!!

iDesigniBuy has a solution for all your tailoring business requirements. iDesigniBuy is a leading tailoring software service provider in the industry that assists you to design an exclusive clothing collection inspired by the choice of your targeted audience. Their upgraded apparel design software gives your business a boost by making it outstanding and relevant in this digital era.

Our clothing design software is based on progressive technology to match up the consumers’ expectation by providing them a platform to add a personalized touch to their clothing and other fashion apparel. Here are some features of our tool which will help your business to grow:

  • Multilingual/Support Multiple Languages: This is one of the most important features which help your business to reach the global market. By integrating our apparel design software, you will get support in different languages, including English, German, Arabic, French, etc. thus you can reach every corner of the globe and serve people in their local language.


  • 360° View/ Multi-Angle View of The Product: Offering a view of the product from different angles gives your customer confidence to buy a product from your web-store. If you cannot offer a preview of the designed product from multiple angles, then it’s a mood breaker for users. With our tool, you can provide Front view, Back view, Diagonal view, and Folded view to the users to give a clear image of the design.


  • Diversity of Styles: In today’s world, everyone seeks for a styling tool that will help customers to differentiate themselves from others. The tool by iDesigniBuy comes with pre-loaded, attractive styles that will suit the need of every type of customers.


  • Multiple Options to Add Customization: While designing any apparel, customization is not restricted to one element; several elements can be modified to come across a masterpiece. Our tool facilitates you to enable your customers to add, delete, and edit different elements such as fabric, text, font style, color, and much more, according to their taste and comfort.


  • External Image and Clipart Uploading: Images and clipart play an important role while designing any apparel. Hence, having an option to upload clipart and images will be a brownie point for your business.


  • Interactive Demo Videos: Nowadays, people prefer videos and images over text and having interactive demo videos add a bonus point to your business. Our tool comes with videos that elaborate the functionalities with precision, which is helpful for your customers to understand the platform. Your customers can refer the videos while designing their costumes by utilizing the tailoring software from iDesigniBuy.


  • Mobile Responsive Layout: This is an era of smartphones, and everyone prefers to shop on their phone. According to the statistics, the number of smartphone users is going to reach 8 billion by 2021. In this scenario, having a mobile responsive website can be helpful for businesses to bridge the gap between end-users and their website. It has become important to have a responsive website as it helps to derive business from old as well as new customers.


  • Customer-centric Interface: A hassle-free and smooth navigation are the USP of any software, and our software comes with simplified options which make the designing process for users easy and systematic.


  • Platforms to Design Various Apparels: If you are a business owner who doesn’t want to restrict business to only one segment; our software brings flexibility by offering a various design software solution to cater to the requirements of customers from every segment. Our range of software includes tshirt design software, shirt design software, jacket design software, hoodie design software, and many more.


iDesigniBuy is a fashion design software provider, work to offer custom-designed software to meet the business needs of our customers. You can acquire custom-made apparel design software to streamline your fashion business.