3D Clothing Design Software Offers Stability During Uncertain Times

According to many fashion industry experts, the shows in their traditional format are not likely to return. With a push from coronavirus, a decade’s worth of fashion show evolution is about to take place in a matter of months. That requires a rewiring of an entire industry as executives, creative leaders, and event producers break with hallowed traditions to adopt technologies already familiar to the film and television industries. The online fashion designing software will help you to display collections of clothes using 3D technology.


3D Clothing Design Software Brings Steady Business Reforms


Fashion shows and presentations will rely more on digital technology and less on who is seated in the audience, even when there is finally again a guest list. Alexander De Betak is currently experimenting with a live show for a brand with no audience in attendance. He has been reviewing digital filming technologies that will allow for streaming complex layers of images that will enable viewers to see, for instance, the catwalk and the front row with inserts for details.

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Fashion’s most beloved spectacles won’t disappear — the industry’s passion alone is already fueling shows’ innovation — but it appears they will rapidly morph into new formats, with the pandemic marking the moment of the metamorphosis.


Here are the pointers that will help you to re-establish your business model:

  • Adopt New Norms

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Brands need to employ new tactics to obtain imagery to market collections. ASOS recently launched an augmented reality version of its online product pages, where shoppers can see simulated views of six models shown in up to 500 products per week. The looks are digitally mapped onto a photo of a model taking into account the garment’s size, cut, and fit.


The photographer Pari Dukovic has been conducting fashion and celebrity shoots such as one with the singer Kehlani from his New York apartment. He clicks the shutter on his laptop while the subjects style themselves. “If they have a laptop and an iPhone, I can do a shoot,” Dukovic says. “I don’t really see this solution as just for corona time. It’s going to be one of our solutions,” going forward. This explains that upgraded technologies will dominate the fashion industry’s future, and brands need to find ways to adjust to new norms.


The apparel design software offers new solutions that will help businesses establish themselves and lead you in the competition to adopt and provide the latest designs with the most exceptional customer experience.


  • Reinterpret Fashion Through Technology 

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Due to recent events, several fashion brands are forced to go digital and show collections through technological advancements in cities, like London, Paris, and Milan. Many prominent fashion designers are reluctant to go on a display of their clothing line. Instead, they want to focus on aligning collections with when consumers want to wear them, and an end to early discounting. In fact, they don’t even need Print magazine deadlines collections to be prepared six months in advance are no longer as relevant. The system of seasons is based on Western European and American seasonal calendars that have lost relevance as fashion has become a global industry.


  • Social Media Marketing 

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The only thing that has helped the apparel brands unction during crisis time is social media. Therefore, many companies like Gucci has outlined plans to shift from the “worn-out” cruise, pre-fall, Spring/Summer, Autumn/Winter roster towards twice-yearly seasonless meetings in a series of Instagram posts. It’s the second luxury brand after Saint Laurent, owned by luxury conglomerate Kering, to see more extensive changes to how they market and sell fashion.



In a nutshell, the recent events in the fashion industry have shown us that apparel brands need to forge a pathway. A way through which they can communicate with the customers directly and also display what products do they have to offer. Every emerging or an established brand needs to express itself online first and foremost, and then only can they hope to revamp their business model. The digital fashion pro by iDesigniBuy will enable you to accustom to the recent trends and bring stability to your business during uncertain times.

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