3D Clothing Design Software Enables Survival of Digitally Fittest Companies

The recent series of events had a lasting impression on the fashion industry and, more so on its buyers. But the only thing permanent in the world is change, and therefore the sector must embrace the changes and adopt innovative technologies that will help them foresee any shift in trends. The online 3d clothing design software will help manufacturers and retailers adjust to the upcoming tectonic change in the fashion industry with its innovative digital customization solution.



3D Clothing Design Software Aids Brands to Become Digitally Strong 


The latest challenges have shocked the apparel industry to its core and forced small enterprises and medium scale companies to repurpose their business model and seek alternative industry options. Some apparel firms took the challenge on their chins and are aggressively increasing digital marketing spending. A survey conducted by the Dublin-based Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) reports that over two-thirds of businesses have seen a decrease in revenue since the pandemic. Some brands and retailers, especially smaller companies, have decreased their overall marketing spend and channel their advertising online.


This is the appropriate time to adopt novel technologies and be ready to change the entire ecosystem around the fashion sector.


Here are some of the strategies that can help you to reinvest in business trends:

  • Adopt Digital Marketing Channels


Marketing efforts have shifted to webinars, organic content, social media, SEO, and e-commerce, as digital paves the way in response to Covid-19. The global coronavirus pandemic has tested all companies’ readiness to adapt and change. It has challenged organizations – to adjust marketing strategies and react in a savvy manner – digitally.



  • Enhance Customer Journey  


It’s not just companies that suffered the loss; buyers too had to go through difficult times. Adjusting with the new reality isn’t going to be easy for them, but if you oblige them with your support and proper guidance, they shall always remain loyal and faithful to you. The pandemic has tested and redefined the customer journey and experience. It has created an environment where the relationship between e-commerce and offering a personalized experience is nuanced and where digital efforts need to be stepped up.



The garment design software provides a similar set of solutions along with its customization solutions. The tool allows your customers to “Try Before You Buy,” a concept that empowers them to get a hands-on experience of apparel manufacturing before buying it. The customization solutions also enable your customers to create their designs and visualize them in 3D before placing an order. These all are the steps taken in the direction of customer experience enhancement and enriching their journey.


  • Make Full Use of Gen Z


Though the past couple of months were not desirable for many brands and retailers, yet it was Gen Z that reinforced its belief of constant change.  According to Gen Z planet LLC, a research and advisory firm, 73 percent of participants said that they would plan to go to stores, particularly local ones, as much or even more than they did before the pandemic began. It could be inferred from the facts and data that the younger consumers will shop from brands that have value delivery, have a pricing structure, and are committed to supporting local communities.


  • Look for Global Buyers 


With digital technology, brands can target anyone and anywhere. If you look at the statistics provided by the Bain and company, you’ll realize that it’s the Chinese market that is set to dominate the fashion and luxury world. As per the company, Chinese consumers are set to confirm their place as the essential luxury buyers, accounting for nearly half of all purchases worldwide by 2025. As a region, mainland China will account for 28 percent of the luxury market, up from 11 percent in 2019.


Final Words- 


It is the time of the survival of the digitally-fittest companies, and they are essential strategies than ever, as, despite overall budgets being cut, digital budgets are increasing. Several of the spending would be spent on digital marketing than traditional approaches. The fashion design software by iDesigniBuy will help you take advantage of the online marketplace with its modern-day, relevant solutions. The tool will be beneficial for companies who didn’t foresee the intensity of the crisis and provide them with a platform where they could attain great heights with digital and analytic capabilities.