3D Clothing Design Software Enables Businesses to Adopt Eco-Friendly Measures

The recent events have pushed the fashion industry to consider B Corp status. A small publicity sustainable certificate holds itself significant and impacts brand value amid a lack of trust in social and environmental guidelines. As many organizations are heading for eco-friendly fashion, the best fashion design software enables them to adhere to the changing trends with customization solutions. These will keep a check on how and what is being manufactured and help brands to have complete control over the business.

 3D Clothing Design Software Enables Businesses to Adopt Eco-Friendly Measures


3D Clothing Design Software Helps Brands keep track of Production Processes


Several non-governmental organizations push brands to change their practices, and during the pandemic, more are signing up for its services. But only brands willing to embrace it voluntarily stand to gain. An article by Vogue Business reveals that, on average, users on Impact Assessment have doubled in the UK with their annual certification reaching up to 40%. Though more than 100,000 businesses have signed up for the B Corp Impact Assessment since its launch in 2006, and only 3,500 companies are B Corp certified. The majority of the registered businesses were from the apparel, jewelry, and leather goods categories, B Corp.


Since March, more notable brands, such as sustainable fashion advisory Eco-Age, fashion designer Christopher Raeburn and sustainable fashion network Common Objective have applied for the certificate. They will be joining the league of eco-friendly labels, including Allbirds, Patagonia, and Eileen Fisher, as B Corp-certified brands.



Let’s understand how having a B Corp certificate helps you to pour in more sales:


  • Redirects Brands’ Resources 


Fashion doesn’t pay a hefty amount to be a B Corp Certified, but to continue their membership, they have to regularly invest to improve their internal processes, thus, redirecting a brand’s resources to inner change. Though many require companies to uphold their sustainability and ethical standards, in the case of B Corp, brands are legally bound to follow them. There is no way you can make excuses and run away from responsibilities. In fact, the onus is on the company than suppliers to maintain the environment and embed articles of association, legally committing themselves to make decisions through the lens of a triple bottom line: profit, people and planet.


If this all seems too much for you, then we have an offer of fashion design software. This customization solution will let you keep track of all activities while taking orders, manufacturing, and selling the apparel. The tool will let you have complete control over production as you work on a get-and-make basis, meaning you manufacture clothes as the requirements put forth by the customer.


  • Enables You to Better Market Your Brand 


B Corp is competitive enough that it spurred the launch of B Lab, a fleet of not-for-profit organizations that help businesses certify. The certificate is a promise of perfection; if you score well in one of the areas, you need to improve yourself in other departments as well, which means you have better chances to market yourself as a complete label. Patagonia has improved its score by reducing the pay gap between its lowest-paid worker and CEO. Such examples help brands to show themselves as ethical, and many other fashion companies have followed the lead.



  • Establishes Trust in Your Brand 


Several brands cite consumer trust as a significant motivation for certifying, but they are yet to see this in full force. The most significant advantage of getting a B Corp certificate that brands can now work in a business-to-business model more than business-to-consumer. In fact, retailers are also eyeing for companies that are doing the right thing, and a certificate from B Corp will take you on long.

Eileen Fisher is raising awareness about its involvement by displaying the B Corp logo on its website, social media, and stores.


Your Wish is Our Command-

You must have understood how important it is to adhere to eco-friendly solution as it helps people perceive you as someone considerate and nature caring. It’s time that apparel brands show they value the environment over the business and dedicatedly invest in initiatives to improve their processes. The design your own clothes virtually by iDesigniBuy helps clothing companies to emerge as eco-fashion collection lines and assess their measures.


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