Apparel design software: Customization solution for smart-apparel fitting

From tech-enterprises to fashion based ecommerce stores, the focus is to take the custom clothing on a very new level for the new generations whose income generally stops them to afford it. Bespoke trends of custom clothing are exclusively available in high-end eStores and usually seen as a product of luxury for the wealthiest people.

Apparel design software Customization solution for smart-apparel fitting

The issue is, most of people are walking with ill-fitting of apparel, but with the launch of apparel design software and its custom-sizing tech feature, the entire fashion industry is experiencing a transformation along with the people’s wardrobe.


The issue with the cloth sizing:


Despite the fact t-shirt, shirts, and pants are the most worn items of the apparel and fashion industry, and we have to accept that these apparels find robust fitting most of the time. Size in a retail store may be too large in next. The problem is very ancient when advancement in technology used to mean mass-scale production. Before this, when clothes used to be hand-tailored, sizes used to be the norm and affordable for masses, who don’t have enough clothing.


Even apparel manufacturer has accepted that there is a problem because of the three main reasons why the sizes of apparels vary so significantly. First, there is no hurdle on the sizes of regular clothing, so working agencies like the International Organization for Standardization have expectations, pushing clothing size physically is impossible technically. Moreover, sizes differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, which shows the second reason i.e., vanity sizing.

Vanity sizing means that the stores putting label of smaller size on clothes than it is in actual. The theory is not very much shocking, and people will get attracted to purchase the apparel in which they feel thinner. If that disturbed you slightly, the third reason for the size of clothes works differently from store to store as some apparel enterprise does the opposite.


Of course, there might be some other reason why machine technology is a bit inferior to human hands at the time of bespoke cloth manufacturing. The fact we all know is bodies are in a vast range of numerous sizes. When enterprises started offering customization after integrating apparel design software, they can provide apparel in almost all custom sizes. This software technology has bridge the gap customers use to face in selecting the size.


How does it work?


The customer gives input of the measurement and other information based on style, color, fonts, design, and textures. Then apparel design software creates the designs after taking the final input from the customer as an order. Then the robotic arm pushes the fabric in a belt known as conveyer. Then, it comes to sewing area where sewing machines (basically an automated tool) tailor it all together. After making the custom apparel, enterprise qualities tests it and delivers it to customer.


It is not the only amazon, however; who are indulging in offering solution-based custom clothing. Various big brands have taken smart mover advantage by integrating apparel design software to provide customization of apparel. Indeed they have gained benefit through that as it is highly in trend and people love customizing their apparel no matter they are of what size. In addition to that, it also comes with latest features, which enable the end-user to create stylish and trendy designs. This not just satisfies them but also encourages them to come back to the store for shopping again. Apparel eStores are getting higher margin profit as customers are ready to pay premium as they are getting unique through it.


Will this service be pocket-friendly?


This technology enables you to manufacture apparel locally in the United States after receiving the order online. The factory cost will be slightly higher to deliver mass orders. But, when we see the other aspect i.e., apparel design software, it is proven that it helps enterprises to manage costs on inventory management, which later on increase the revenue in the long-term. When you start saving more on inventory, you would pass-on it to your customers by offering custom clothes on a pocket-friendly price.


iDesigniBuy in the apparel customization segment offers high-end and advanced apparel design software that upscale the enterprise offerings as it helps in offering custom clothes in all desired sizes.


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