Offer Unique In-store Experience with Apparel Design Software

The buzz is catching momentum as critics and analysts are discussing that retail is going to die soon. With many reputed brands shutting down their bricks and mortar stores and shifting their focus to online channels, the


Offer Unique In-store Experience with Apparel Customization Software


belief is getting strengthened. However, the truth is: retail is not dead; it is evolving with a new facet. According to the State of Consumer Behavior Report 2020 by Raydiant, offline retail is not losing significance against its counterpart: online sales; instead, retailers are investing in sophisticated technologies to improve the in-store experience for their customers to cater to changing the ecommerce landscape.


So, what can you do to reposition your brand by offering a unique experience at brick and mortar stores?


Apparel Customization

Why Implementing Apparel Design Software can be a Strategic Action?

The report throws light on some interesting facts that indicate the scope of enhancing the customer experience in the stores for higher profitability. The retailers are showing reliance on advanced tech and evolving fashion trends to give offer exactly what modern shoppers look for when they come to stores.


57% of millennials still believe in offline shopping, out of which 38% aim for an enjoyable shopping experience. With apparel design software, you can bring in retail transformation at your physical location by offering customization and personalization apparel. Apart from what you have to deliver on the shelf, you can empower your customers to design their own clothing online. The software works as a Magento or Shopify plugin that makes your e-catalog customizable. You can help your customers to create their own outfit using their imagination and ideas they have for a particular event, thus making their shopping enjoyable.


62% of the respondents appreciate the human interaction and say that in-store associates help improve the shopping experience. Though fashion design software is a self-service platform that allows users to customize their outfits, however, for those who are not tech-savvy or need a credible opinion, store associates can help them in their journey towards customization. They can guide them as to how they can play with several features like adding texts, images, and fabrics to create a perfect outfit that suits their personality.


Moreover, it becomes easier for store representatives to impart a personalized service when they understand the customers’ requirements in person.


23% of respondents say that they would love to shop more in the store if retailers provide unique experiences. Offering an exclusive experience to the customer is always helpful to brands in differentiating themselves. Modern shoppers crave for more and different. They believe in ethical consumerism while emphasizing sustainable fashion. With clothing design software, your apparel brand can help them to develop designs that they would love forever and want to wear again and again instead of fast fashion trends that fade away, soon forcing people to give up their clothes and shop for more. You can keep tans and digital boards on which users can design their outfits and check them in 3D visualization. It is always about making a difference in customers’ lives, and contemporary retailers are set to leverage the tech developments to bring that difference strategically.


How Apparel Customization Software strengthens Omnichannel Experience?


Omni-channel retail is the latest business model that is inspiring retailers to give a smooth and homogenous customer experience across all the touch-points through which customers interact with brands. Customers shop through mobile, online stores, physical stores, and social platforms in the digital economy. And, as a retailer, you must synchronize your brand presence uniformly to show your concern for millennials and Gen Z patrons.


Clothing Design software is a one-stop solution that renders high-quality experience to customers across all channels. The software is agnostic with all platforms and devices, thus allowing your users to access it from anywhere. The software comes with a mobile responsive design to help smartphone users to customize their jackets, hoodies, T-shirts, formal shirts, jeans, trousers, tuxedos, and a wide range of other apparel. Similarly, female patrons can design gowns, skirts, dresses, blouses, and other clothing as per their requirements. Thus, apparel customizations software ensures that your brand presence remains strong as well as unvarying throughout the channels.


Integrate Best-In-Class Apparel Customization Software


Apparel Design Software is a tech integration that requires a dedicated investment of time, efforts, and resources. iDesigniBuy has developed a state-of-the-solution after intensive industry research and experience of ten years. We are a leading name in offering customized solutions in the fashion and accessories segment with a mission to empower our clients to contribute towards a sustainable fashion economy.

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