Increase Customer Base with Apparel Customization Software

Trying to reach out the online customers?


Wondering what strategy to adopt to get their attention?


Well, we are here to solve these problems. We understand your apparel business and also demand of the customers. Our customization software


Increase Customer Base with Apparel Customization Software


will help you to bridge the gap between you two. Customers prefer clothes that reflect their personality and catering their needs will give you an advanced bonus.


Apparel Customization Software: Need of the hour


People prefer sitting back at home and shopping over physically going to the store and buying stuff. They like shopping clothes that conveys their personal touch in it as it empowers and convenient for them, where they can customize their own clothes. By designing their own clothes, we are taking them ahead in the sustainable fashion market. They now won’t think, what’s in the trend rather they can create trend on their own.


This shift in paradigm has transformed the face of the online shopping and provided an opportunity to the huge brands to get fire in their wings. Recent studies have advocated that the product customization significantly impact sales and revenue of the leading brands. The end users are motivated to buy the product when they realize they have the option to choose style, fabric, pattern, color, and even thread.


A report published by Deloitte shows that people are ready to pay the high prices for custom apparel and accessories.


Apparel Customization: Tackles Cloth Wastage Problem


Before the inception of apparel customization software, companies had to keep up with the latest trends and that would lead to huge amount of wastage of the cloth. With the availability of the digital market, the customers can try on their style of clothes and do many permutation and combination among different styles, fabrics, colors and pockets, zips, cuffs, prints, buttons and many more.


Also, the 3D embedding clothes will help customers to check what they have and created and then buy. The 3D visualization with enable them to see, touch, and feel the cloth of their choice and thus enhancing the audience base. Apart from this, the brands will manufacture these products as per the customization provided by the end-user. The brands just need to flip the process from tailoring the cloth and selling it to selling the idea first and then producing it.


Apparel Customization: Spreads its Wings


The recent advancement in the technology, the big market players of this industry will have the option to provide a wide range of personalized products by audiences and couple it with accessories. This transformation is not only limited to the use of sales rather it also guarantees customer loyalty towards the brand.


Your company can sell many other products, such as purses, caps, hats, mugs, gift boxes, pants, men shirts, socks, sports shoes, T-shirts, loafer shoes, polo T-shirts, wedding cards, tuxedos, suits, pants, hoodies, jackets, jewelry and a lot more to your end-users.


Apparel Customization: A Masterstroke Strategy


A report by State of Consumer Behavior Report 2020  by Raydiant, suggests that more than 68% of respondents had searched for a better price online after finding a product at a physical store.


Our software will help you to bring out the retail transformation to the physical store. Apart from offering what is in that store, you can offer them the choice of selecting and developing their own fashion sense.


You can help your customers to create their own outfit using their imagination and ideas they have for a particular event, thus making their shopping enjoyable.


For all this to come true, all you need is 3D Apparel Customization Software that can have cutting edge features to meet your clients’ requirements. iDesigniBuy is leading its way into the business with 3D customization and tailoring software solutions to modify a wide scope of apparel, accessories, and other merchandises. Our specialists have immense industry experience and in-depth domain knowledge, hence assisting the customer from idea inception in terms of projecting execution.

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