Apparel Design Helps Clothing Brands To Sales On Thanks giving

Thanksgiving calls for unapologetic indulgence, and while people will transform into ravenous gluttons gorging traditional festival meals from roasted turkey to pecan pie, it is imperative that brands offer a platform to their buyers to their looks ahead of the time. Offering fashion choices that are both chic and comfortable could be an overwhelming task, but if you have a smart and robust customization solution, such as 3d clothing design software, your job will be a lot easier. The tailored solution allows fashion brands and retailers to let their customers Apparel Design their clothes, including pants, shirts, blazers, jeans, suits, or any dress. It enables them to customize the apparel’s style, fabric, and pattern and give it their personal touch and let others talk about your brand. Its 3d solutions help your buyers preview the product they have designed and make the slightest changes in it before placing the order.  

Apparel Design Software Enables Brands to Boost Online Sales During the Festive Season  

Everyone loves to dress up, whether to show off to friends and family members or to make ourselves feel better. Fashion is a healthy way to express self. With fall ensembles here to evade wardrobes once again, one can be rest assured that this year’s Thanksgiving outfits are not only cosy during the crisp-weather months but at par with the season’s biggest trends. This holds true especially when people have finally overcome the fear of the pandemic, and the holiday season is expected to return to its glory days of the pre-COVID era. It was reported that last, 90 per cent of the US consumers shopped online, and it is a trend that is unlikely to change anytime soon. And as more people are taking their jabs, for instance, 52.5 per cent of Americans are vaccinated, it is more likely that restrictions shall be lifted; these will include the reopening of borders to international tourists. However, online shopping is forecast to see larger spending. A study by, “Holiday Shopping in the Second Year Of COVID-19 Pandemic“, surveyed 1060 American consumers and asked them when and how they plan to shop in Q4 of 2021. The research showed that 80.8 per cent of consumers would continue to shop more online due to pandemic effects during the holiday season, even this year. Approximately 45.3 per cent of respondents have said that they still fear the pandemic, while others have shown inclination towards online shopping to many other concerns, such as inflation, low stock availability, shipping times, and availability of personal funds. According to the research, consumers plan to spend 974 dollars on average (a 4.7 per cent increase vs 2020), of which 670 dollars will be spent online. Shoppers expect to spend 10.1 per cent more, on average, in-store during the 2021 holiday shopping season compared to 2020. Online shoppers expect to spend 2.4 per cent more. Amazon and Target will remain the most popular retailers for online (79.4 per cent) and in-store (33.9 per cent), respectively.  

It is evident from the statistics mentioned above that buyers have made their minds for online shopping. Despite it bringing good news to fashion brands, it also makes things extremely intense and competitive. Therefore, in the current blog, we have highlighted various elements and case studies that will inspire brands to change their gameplan and entice more buyers to their eStores.  

Here are some factors helping Apparel Design to be at their top game or redeem themselves: 

  • Apparel Tops the Gift Buying List During the Festive Season  

Consumers are busy planning their shopping and buying gifts for their loved ones. They are ready to defy all odds brought in by disrupted supply chain, rising inflation, and lingering concerns of new waves of coronavirus variants. Only the fashion industry is the one that helps brands to stream during the gloomy and low economic activity period, especially in the time when buyers finally have the chance to meet and greet their loved ones. And in fact, you will be surprised to know that clothing will continue to top the list of purchasing items for Americans. It has been reported in a survey that almost 53 per cent of shoppers are gifting clothes during the holiday season, followed by gift cards at 46 per cent, toys at 39 per cent, books/music/movies/video games at 35 per cent, and food/candy at 31 per cent as the top five categories. Michael Baker, Analyst at D.A. Davidson, while talking with “The Street“, revealed that post last year’s lockdown, every business has moved online, but there is a great desire among people to go back to in-person shopping. They are craving to shop from brick-and-mortar stores, and as Apparel Design will reopen their stores and people will be out in stores, that’s helpful for margins because you don’t have to absorb the shipping cost. Apparel brands and retailers will also have an opportunity for add-on purchases that will help them to boost their sales even when the economy is slow.   

However, inflationary trends and demands have left consumers with weaker seasonal discounts, and as a result, we saw lesser seasonal discounts during Memorial Day and Labor Day. This year, with prices impacted by inflation, the total realized savings for consumers are being reduced for online categories going into the holiday season. The market expects early discounting trends will persist, but the strongest discounts will kick in over Thanksgiving week and Cyber Monday. If you don’t want to give any discounts and still want to lure in your customers, here is your golden opportunity to do so. Our clothes designing software, a customization solution, allows brands and retailers to let their customers take control in designing their clothes. Since they are emotionally and physically invested in customizing their clothes, they are more likely to spend extravagantly for the experience. Also, when buyers are customizing their outfits, they are more likely to turn more heads and subtly promote your brand as everyone will keep asking them where they bought the unique Apparel Design. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about supply chain disruptions, inventory management, or anything, as you will be receiving orders in real-time.   

  • NFT and Other Digital Solutions Drive the Sales  

The significance of digitization in the fashion industry is known to everyone, and its good adaptation by many leading brands indicates that its days are not numbered here. As each day passes, the industry is witnessing the emergence of some new technology that will help the sector sustain the trend and keep it going and take the sector to new heights. For instance, Macy, the leading retailer Macy, in celebration of the 95th Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, is releasing one-of-a-kind digital collectables with the launch of 9510 limited edition NFTs (non-fungible tokens) powered by Sweet. The parade with nine-decade history will feature balloons, and the NFTs will support Make-A-Wish Foundation with a special auction and after-market donations made to benefit the organization. The NFTs are designed by REOMETRY, a digital agency that is headed by NFT artists REO and Seth Brown. The NFTs will be based on the retailer’s archival and creative content, and generative artwork shall feature one of ten’s Macy’s balloons that will be covered with legacy characters and ornamental figures that have already appeared in the parade.   

On the same NFT ground, Givenchy has decided to sell its 15 NFTs designed by graphic artist Chito. The graphic designer worked with the Apparel Design brand to resort to the 2022 collection and created graphic patterns for selected pieces. The auction will be featured on OpenSea and benefit The Ocean Cleanup, a Dutch organization that combats plastic pollution in oceans. The brand has also collaborated with tech companies, such as Aura Blockchain Consortium for the contracts, Ledger for the provenance of the NFTS, and the Polygon network for minimal energy consumption. The brand has become a pioneer in the fashion industry as it continues to explore more possibilities for NFTs under its creative director Matthew Williams.  The NFTs will feature Chito’s characters, including a suspicious dog, a boy in a horned cap, and a frowning girl. The characters were prints featured from the resort collection and incorporated Givenchy’s 4G logo. The auction for the products will take place on November 23. The other brands that are also exploring new avenues in digital solutions are Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana, and they have already hopped the NFT train.  

  • Customer Experience Accelerates Conversion Rate  

As customers have moved online, they are looking for novel experiences that make them forget in-store shopping experiences. Therefore, Checkout network company Bolt has partnered with Adobe that will allow the latter’s users to access Bolt’s one-click checkout feature. The service will enable the firm to offer an enhanced customer experience, and furthermore, Adobe merchants can also join Bolt’s merchant network, adding them to a pool of 10 million shoppers who use the service. The two companies first joined in a partnership together back in 2020, with Adobe Commerce adopting Bolt’s fast-paced payment solutions. Adobe Commerce US merchants will be able to implement the embedded Bolt checkout service from the spring of 2022.  

Some brands are not using technology to enhance their customers’ shopping experience and help develop their business and IT, and to honor these individuals and brands, Board International has announced that Burberry has won the 2021 Ventana Research Digital Leadership Award for operations and supply chain. Burberry selected board International’s one decision-making platform to streamline and digitize its merchandising and buying processes. The organization seems to offer an integrated platform for luxury brands and aims to support the digitization of merchandising buying processes from global assortment definition to defining an initial buy by region, store and size. On a slightly different line but optimally using technology is the case of London-based designer Stefan Cooke, who recently revealed a menswear collection for the EA video game, The Sims 4. The collection consists of 23 pieces; The Sims 4 Modern Menswear Kit also features a wide range of trendy and latest menswear, available to international players as ‘Simified’ versions of Cooke’s real-world collections. Apparel Design will include virtual jackets, trousers, suits, shoes, and Varsity Coat with Skirt. Created together with his partner Jake Burt, Cooke stated that he is looking forward to seeing users implement the kit into the Sims world and in real life.  


The world has migrated to video chatting and virtual meetings to stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues in the last year. The virtual meeting set-up emerged as the perfect space to give thanks over good wine and a plate of food.  As Thanksgiving draws closer day by day, buyers will want to don their best party attire and gather around their friends and family members. This year festival season calls for an even grander celebration because people come together after a long time. This is the best time for fashion brands and retailers to let their customers unleash the fashionista and creativity in them and wear something that turns people heads around. The fashion design software by iDesigniBuy offers similar solutions to manufacturers and sellers and enable them to empower their customers in customizing their wide range of Apparel Design. It allows them to give their personal touch to outfits they have selected from brands’ e-catalogue in most the seamless possible way. The tool is a leading name in the fashion-tech industry, offering an online platform to your buyers and letting them embrace the glam this holiday season. 

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