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The pandemic severely affected social gatherings, and team sports suffered collateral damage. During the same time, sports, including Lawn Tennis and Golf, gained popularity among the young buyers. Consequently, many brands are now launching sports-inspired apparel collections to wear on and off the field for the new generation interested in games. Likewise, our best apparel management software enables brands to manufacture sportswear by involving customers’ ideas in designing clothes. The tool comes with an in-built digital feature that better equips your buyers to select, design, and personalize their apparel in 3d.  

Athletic Apparel Design Software Offers Robust Business Solutions to Sportswear Brands  

America’s biggest contribution to the fashion world has been sportswear, and this was a term used to describe comfortable and casual clothes that people would wear to watch games. Over the years, sports apparel has become an attractive market for the youth. Since the beginning of the 20th century, it has slipped into people’s wardrobe and became an integral part of their style. The celebrities wearing sports apparel have enticed the youth, and they have conveniently converted the tracksuits into athleisure. Every teenager wears a popular sports jersey or a hat when riding to school. The surge in popularity compelled several brands to capitalize on this trend and make sportswear even more fashionable and trendy.  

Let us look at the various factors that prompt the growth of the sports apparel market: 

  1. Sports Had Long Association with Best Apparel Management Software Brands  

Sportswear and fashion brands complement each other since time immemorial. They have been working together to create unique trends and inspire people to wear more comfortable clothes.  For example, Lacoste was launched back in the 1930s by French tennis star René Lacoste, evolving into a luxury brand over the years. Besides,Ralph Lauren is an official partner to tennis tournaments, such as Wimbledon, the US Open, the Australian Open, and The Professional Golfers’ Association. This long association of brands help athletes transform their fashion sense on and off the field. 

Additionally, emerging brands like Casablanca focus on enhancing their lifestyle; instead of their technical performance. The brand’s collections comprise trend-inspired pieces for a younger demographic. In short, they’re cool. 

  • Younger Generation have a New Found Love for Athleisure  

Since the last year, the best apparel management software industry witnessed a blend of casual and formal wear. With the offices and other institutions shut for a long time, people had to work remotely wearing comfortable clothes and yet look formal. And that people have resumed work in offices, brands seek opportunities to make this a trend and enable buyers to dress for long hours conveniently. Streaming on this trend is Mytheresa, which translated the trend by bringing together activewear and everyday styles.  

The sportswear brands must acknowledge that as more buyers are inclined towards outdoor-ready styles, they are also looking for loungewear pieces that make them look good and feel at home. Several industry experts that trend to wear cool, comfortable clothes will continue for a while, and brands must tap on the evolving trend to be at the top of the game. Likewise, our sports uniform design software enables fashion houses to gain a complete insight into consumer behaviour as its experts have an ear to the ground. The customization tool assists apparel labels in incorporating a customer’s idea into their design and aiding them in thriving in the apparel industry.  

  • Physical Sports Attract More Buyers  

Golf is considered to be a rich man’s game, but over the last few years, the gap between the privileged and middle-class is gradually disappearing, giving a room full of opportunities to brands to cater to the emerging demands of the younger generation. According to America’s National Golf Foundation, three million people played Golf in 2020, and Generation Z accounted for the highest number. Besides Golf, Tennis too is becoming a new area of interest for modern-day buyers. The latest statistics provided by the United States Tennis Association indicate that more Gen Z sports fans are moving towards tennis. They estimate that the participation from the younger demographics increased from 22 per cent in 2020 to 22 million Americans.  

The major contributing factor could be the stars like Naomi Osaka and Coco Gauff, who are 23 and 17 years old, respectively inspire their generation. Osaka has been a cover star for American Vogue and will co-chair this year’s Met Gala. They are often seen wearing cool polo t-shirts or playing the game while donning one, setting trends for others to others and following them.   

The Ball is in Your Court-  

Sportwear has come full circle from athleisure impacting fashion to streetwear influencing the apparel industry in designing and selling. These days, many big shots in the best apparel management software industry introduce their collections to give a style twist to athletic wear and outdoor designs. Similarly, the apparel brands can now gain an edge over the others by giving a new twist to their collection, involving their customers in the designing process, and empowering them to become trendsetters. The custom uniform builder software by iDesigniBuy assist fashion houses to manufacture classic pieces that enhance one’s performance and give a stylish tweak to it. The custom-made solution by the fashion-tech company enables brands to tower their brand value by bringing in practicality and performance in apparel.  

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