Cater to the Needs of Sustainable Fashion with Apparel Design Software

The outbreak of coronavirus pandemic has affected the world’s economy. With people being quarantined for months, its presence has highlighted the importance of digitally engaging customers. With every sector adopting the digital trend, the fashion industry isn’t left behind. Digital technology, paired with customization trend, has the potential to do wonders for fashion brands. Hence, introducing apparel design software to your business can be a good bet. Our software is designed to fulfill the needs of people’s interest in customizing their apparel.  

Fashion brands supporting sustainable fashion  

Cater to the Needs of Sustainable Fashion with Apparel Design Software

Today’s fashion trend isn’t about seasonal colors or style. It’s about ethical clothing and sustainable fashion. The loss did to the environment by the fashion brands is clearly visible. The internet is flooded with reports and research, suggesting that fashion biggies’ nonchalant attitude is taking the world to the verge from where returning will not be possible. But we cannot assume it as the complete truth because a coin has two sides. And it is just one side. Many renowned brands are supporting sustainable fashion.  

Let’s discuss some of them below:  


Eileen Fisher, a New York-based company, is an industry leader involved in an ethical and sustainable fashion. By 2025, the company’s vision is to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions produced during the production and shipping of their garments by 25%. 


Sézane, a Paris based brand, believes in sustainable production that can benefit people and the planet. They entirely started online, considering it a way to cut out the middleman, focusing on production that’s ethical and near to zero waste as possible. The brand offers leather goods, shoes, swimwear, denim, and jewelry. Their collection has something for every customer supporting ethical fashion.  


Able, based in Tennessee, is a feminist brand supporting women. They produce women’s apparel, shoes, and accessories. The brand believes that one must create economic opportunities for people, especially women, to end generational poverty. Their products are made all over the world by fairly paid women who have overcome extraordinary circumstances. Such a beautiful thought makes this brand unique.  

Many such brands are looking forward to achieving sustainable fashionreselling products, and customers are supporting the cause.  

Apparel design software can help brands support sustainable fashion  

Next level creativity 

Experts believe that the Asian market will be an alternative to the fashion industry in today’s time. Customers are gaining interest in customization, which will surely boost the level of creativity. The fashion design software allows fashion brands and their customers to discover a new horizon of creativity. They can design sustainable clothing by making better use of the pattern design software on your website. Even brands like Burberry and Erdem are working with the aftercare industry to build sustainable clothing care into their design processes, while the aftercare industry is veering from intensive and harmful dry-cleaning methods.  

Encourage customers to adopt sustainability as a Habit  

There was a time when customers did blind shopping without knowing the material used in their attire. They may often find certain details related to material, supply chain, etc. Still, it didn’t remain easy to figure out the sustainability level of a garment. This unawareness wasn’t limited to customers; even designers and manufacturers were trapped. Our 3D fashion design software is the best alternative to resolve this issue. The software helps brands trace the composition of the source material used and promotes a transparent relationship between the shopper and the brand. 

Supply chain transparency 

According to the recent report from campaign group Canopy, fashion is using fewer fabrics associated with deforestation in ancient and endangered forests, signaling the push for sustainability is improving supply chains. Levi’s found that washing denim with cold water reduces the climate impact of washing by 69% in a typical garment life cycle.   

The increasing interest in traceability and transparency throughout supply chains has focused attention on the entire garment life cycle. To come up with a solution, the US Federal Trade Commission requires the four types of information to be included on a sew-in garment label that includes a Registered Number, care instructions, fiber content percentages, and country of origin. 

Wrapping up 

The fashion industry has to play its part well to keep growing and enticing customers. Hence, by using our apparel design software, you, as a brand, can deal with many sustainability concerns with ease.  

Be a proactive thinker about your brand’s growth and integrate iDesigniBuy’s fashion design software on your website.  

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