Meet the Top Trends of Apparel Industry with Apparel Design Software

What’s the future of the apparel industry today and beyond? As per McKinsey & Company’s report on The State of Fashion 2020, they say “The year ahead will open with the industry in a state of high nervousness and uncertainty, with most executives across fashion and the wider business world bracing for a slowdown in growth in the global economy.” 

You may find many such reports, some with an optimistic voice, while others will be raising concerns to focus on industry challenges. To move on a positive note, we will discuss how our apparel design software will help brands meet the apparel industry’s top trends. 

Meet the Top Trends of Apparel Industry with Apparel Design Software

Custom tailoring software can help brands meet the top trends in 2020 and beyond  

The smart clothing market and smart fabrics market size are expected to gain peoples’ attention. Moncler, a luxury fashion brand, announced Grenoble collection with Dyneema composite fabric, a high-performance fabric developed by multinational science-based corporation Royal DSM. According to DSM, Dyneema is the world’s strongest and lightest fiber. 

Stats say the global Smart Clothing market size is expected to reach $199.2 million by 2026, at a CAGR of 74.0% during 2021-2026.   

Importance of Digitalization  

Many renowned brands emphasize the importance of digitalization in the fashion industry. McKinsey and Euromonitor are among those names supporting the role of digitalization. The introduction of technology has transformed the way how customers shop and engage with brands. thredUP, Rent the Runway, and ThirdLove are some of the fashion e-commerce companies that have attracted significant investment in recent years.  

As the marketplace is evolving, both established and emerging fashion brands should look after enhancing their online presence by adopting the right technology to offer more personalized/customized solutions and entice a larger group of the market. Our 3D tailoring software is one of the best apparel customization tools that allow your customers to design their custom apparel online. Hence, by integrating the software, your brand can successfully enhance its online presence.  

Sustainability and its Growing Importance  

Along with digitalization, sustainability is another trend to influence the apparel industry. Today customers are not only concerned about style but also sustainable fashion. They don’t want to purchase anything against the environment. The shift in customers’ behavior is putting pressure on fashion brands that do not have eco-friendly practices.  

As a result, many fashion biggies have started working on modifying their business practices and producing products made of sustainable materials. Let’s discuss a few of them below 

    • Adidas took the initiative to turn plastic trash into recycled polyester and use the materials in producing shoes and clothing.  


    • Allbirds, the pioneering sustainable shoe brand, is entering the apparel market with a capsule range made from innovative natural materials.  


    • Pact, a Colorado-based company, is selling certified organic and fair-trade clothing for the entire family. Their entire supply chain is as clean and sustainable as possible. They include processes that use significantly less water than traditional cotton. The brand also reuses old clothing and linens to create many of its items.  


  • Everlane is another renowned brand that mixes sustainability with transparency by sharing with buyers the exact breakdown of each item’s cost, showing the factories where garments are made. They have recently released a line of clothing made from reused materials and recycled plastic bottles. 

Our custom apparel software works on the same notion and lets your customers know the breakdown of sustainable materials in their apparel. With such great software, your brand can support sustainability and even encourage customers to make an informed purchase.  

An inclination towards size-inclusive fashion  

Bodies of all shapes and sizes are not “new.” Today, established and new retailers embrace inclusive sizing either from the start or learning to fold it into their ethos.  

As per the Coresight Research report, the plus-sized fashion market will be worth around USD 31.9 billion in 2020. Today, plus-size fashion has become a major trend to look after. Lauren Downing Peters, an American teacher-researcher, devoted a dissertation to the ‘stoutwear‘ fashion market in the early 20th century.  

Things are changing today, and size-inclusive initiatives are becoming more widespread. Many brands are making their moves to normalize double-digit sizing. If your brand is one on the list, then our custom apparel software can be the solution to your initiative. As it is an apparel customization software that allows your customers to design clothes of any sizes. To adhere to the fashion industry trends, you must get the software integrated into your website.  

Wrapping up  

To meet the fashion industry’s top trends, your brand has to stand out from the competition. It’s time to engage a good number of customers by adopting the right apparel customization software. It can help you to keep a tap on the latest trends.  

iDesigniBuy understands the rising demand for customization; hence we bring you 3D tailoring software that can be a lifetime solution to entice your customers. 

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