Why to choose iDesigniBuy Customization Tools?

One size has never fit all, and with the increase in the use of personal electronic devices that facilitates us to express ourselves and create our individual’s style, voice and ambition, one size fits all has become less desirable. Product customization has become an inseparable part of almost every industry; but as clothing becomes easily available online, consumers are looking out for customization options for their favorite clothing range.
Why to Choose iDesigniBuy Customization tool?

Incorporating product customization in an online clothing store has become easier with the assistance of tailoring software solutions. This software eases the customization of existing products on your website. It is a fast, efficient and reliable way to ensure your customers are getting the best customization solution. Adding a customization feature to your e-commerce website can improve your customer base, increase your sales and even help you to improve online presence.


Here are the top five benefits that you can experience with an iDesigniBuy software solution:


Widen Your Market: Considering the popularity of personalization in every industry in the past few years, it is being estimated that by 2021 around $31 billion will be spent to personalized gift options during the festive seasons alone and apparel is one of the major categories while it comes to a gift. Users desire to give their loved ones a high-end gift that has a personal touch and will reflect their unique taste and necessity. A customization option makes any product more desirable and giftable too. Moreover, once your product is purchased and delivered, it works as its own brand promotions.


Customer Loyalty: Developing reliability is the important factor in order to build customer loyalty, but building loyalty is the first and foremost means serving consumers with what they want. Considering the twenty-first-century consumer, there are endless possibilities of options available and it can be difficult to wade through every option to find products that suit style and personal requirements. The customization option for a product can help consumers to make an almost-perfect product for which they are looking for and convince them to come back and use your services on your website.


Improve Profit Margins: A simple option of customization can improve your profit margins on any given product. Around 40% of users say that they have or will pay extra for a product they intended to purchase because of the customization option. This directly means that the ever-present demand for apparel can only be improved by offering the personalization option. Also, as mentioned earlier, as users gain that confidence on you and your organization that they will get the best products, they will keep purchasing from you even at higher prices to get exactly what they want.


Word of Mouth: The best way to keep your customers happy and influence them to shop from your website again and again is to deliver them exact product what they want. If your customer is happy, they will definitely their experience with family & friends, on social media sites, and review sites, which again means more exposure for your business. With this you will also get insights into how to improve your products, personalization options, and you will also understand what your customers like about your products.


Though marketing has its own role in any business and can be effective in getting new customers for your business, but statistics suggest that 92% of consumers trust reviews and recommendations by people they know or even from strangers than marketing campaigns. This clearly proves that people trust family, friends and even strangers more than any marketing ads. With the increase in sales, improve your customer loyalty and give your product further exposure. Hence, having a positive word of mouth is the best way to create buzz about your product. 


Minimize the Returns: According to statistics, around 30% of online purchases are returned because the product arrived and the product advertised appears different, or the product is not right. Giving the customer an option to choose how their product will turn out by utilizing customization option will decrease the rate of returns and improve your customer trust. The fashion design software by iDesigniBuy allows customers to preview the product virtually before purchasing. Being able to build the customer’s trust that the product they are ordering the same will get delivered to their doorstep helps to reduce return rates, and assures your customers will be coming back to your store.


iDesigniBuy’s build fast, easy to use apparel design software that requires less time to install and integrate. Upgrading your online clothing and tailoring business with the latest, trendy features will assist you to grab the attention of the customers and ensure the success of your store.