Clothing Design Software for Textile Enterprises

In the digital era, every industry is updating according to the changing technology and textile industry is no exception. With the changing trends around the world, people have become more fashion conscious and do not wish to wear mass-manufactured clothing, footwear or anything related to fashion. Rather, they look for clothing which is specially designed for them. Either they go for designer outfits or they look for options/websites that allow them to design their own clothes; and considering the budget and other factors customer tends towards designing their own apparel. Nowadays, customers look for a platform to design almost everything, including dresses, skirts, shirts, pants, suits, tops, jackets, hoodies and even footwear. Every person is looking for a platform to create their own designs to set a unique fashion statement.

Apparel Design Software

iDesigniBuy offers the most advanced tailoring software which helps you to fulfill the fashion requirements of every individual. The creative team keeps researching about the latest update in the fashion industry and accordingly makes changes in the design tools for effortless online designing. This will add interactive features on your online store or website, which will increase user-engagement and eventually lead to enhanced customer loyalty. The iDiB offers various clothing design software, including shirt design tool, pant design tool, suit design tool, hoodies design tool, thobe design tool, jacket design tool, and many others. You can choose from the following tools to add customization features to your current website:

Tshirt Design Tool: The t-shirt is one of the most popular segments of clothing and holds the largest sales percentage of the apparel industry. Nowadays, everyone is looking to personalize their t-shirt as per their fashion taste. The iDesigniBuy software will help your business to provide the ultimate customization features to your users.

Suit Design Software: Being one of the crucial parts of the clothing industry, the apparel design software will provide you a platform without making changes to your existing website or store to facilitate your users to create their suit design according to their requirements.

Jacket Design Software: With iDesigniBuy’s jacket customization software, you can attract more people towards your store and grab the opportunity to earn more business by serving your customers better. The tool enables your customers to select any model and personalize it according to their wish.

Hoodies Design Tool: We have seen the increase in the demand for customize hoodie over the years for personal use, business events and promotions and sports activities. With iDiB’s hoodies designing tools, you can allow your customers to design their hoodies according to their need.

Shirt Design Tool: Shirt is another important segment of the clothing industry along with t-shirts and hoodies. By facilitating your customers to design their own shirts will give your business a competitive edge to help you stay ahead of your competitors. The iDiB’s online shirt designing tool is fully equipped with the latest product customization options to meet the need of your businesses.

Pant Design Software: The pant designer tool will assist you in growing your business by providing an outstanding experience to your potential users by facilitating your consumers to create their own designs for pants and order according to their comfort.

These are some of the popular tools; however, there are many other tools available at iDesigniBuy for you to select from. Some of the common features of iDiB’s designer tools that will boost your business and add a competitive edge to stay ahead to grow your business:

  • Complete and ready-to-integrate tailoring solution for your e-commerce store front
  • Bespoke and fully customizable clothing designer tool can be modified according to your business
  • Professional vector and readymade templates with the additional library for images, text, fonts and clip arts
  • Added functionality to upload artwork in jpg, png, gif, and swf formats
  • Easy to incorporate with any shopping cart platform or CMS
  • Built on JavaScript and HTML5 making them compatible with all devices and platforms
  • Pre-loaded styles, fabrics, and accents
  • Includes an option to add new fabrics and patterns to the old database
  • Comes with the lifetime license

iDesigniBuy is one of the most reliable fashion design software providers in the industry and delivers numerous advanced features which will facilitate you to offer the latest options on your website:

  • By integrating these tools with your website, you enables your customers to create 2D and 3D designs
  • With the assistance of these online apparel design tools, you can facilitate your users to experiment with their cloths’ design by editing it in various ways
  • With ready-to-use clothing designer software, you can give an option to your customers to upload, print and share designs via email
  • With the feature-rich clothing design software, you enable users to choose any design, color, texture, etc. before purchasing any product
  • With these tools, users can view their design in different colors and shapes to finalize their design
  • The virtual trial room facilitates customers to preview their created design in 360 degrees.

If you want to take your business to the next level to grow your business and stay ahead of your competitors, you can contact iDesigniBuy to know more about their customized solutions. There are numerous vendors in the market who offer the clothing design software and you might think why should select the iDesigniBuy as your designing tool provider. Read, Why Opt iDesigniBuy As Your Customization Software Provider?