Custom Shirt Design Software Helps Brands Transform into Digital Showroom

Many brands noticed a shift in the way people would shop. The change in consumer behavior was very well depicted ss we welcomed the new decade. With the new year, buyers started buying products from online stores that also provided digital solutions to them. The shirt design tool works on the same theme and allows buyers to design their shirts and place them for order digitally.


How Custom Shirt Design Software Allows Brands to Offer Digital Showroom? 


A survey amongst 216 exhibiting fashion companies at the ModeFabriek trade show in January 2020 was commissioned by to gain insight into the use of digital solutions by the B2B sector and wholesale side of the business. This was weeks before markets went into lockdown, and Covid-19 related restrictions were put in place across Europe.


The overall participation and the number of valuable insights this research delivered, exceeded our exceptions,” said Arthur Hoffman, Executive Director of, in a press release. “It highlights the need and desire amongst fashion brands to invest in presenting their collections digitally and virtually, drive more efficiency via self-service, and become smarter on B2B marketing. The challenges posed by the coronavirus restrictions, and new social distancing norms, have simply further strengthened that focus and demand“.


According to the survey, the fashion brands should now invest in the B2B marketing campaigns more as customers are more inclined towards it. They are always eager to know about the company’s latest products, look for inspiration, and knowledge that could be provided with solutions. According to the survey, people’s second preference is digital storytelling and digital showroom experience. Further, the research shows that 69 percent of most companies interviewed choose external specialized SaaS solution providers to support their digital storytelling and order writing process, as part of their back-office/ERP systems or via specialized add-ons like Colect.


Let’s understand why it would be wise for brands to adopt digital showrooming:

  • Offers Agility to Workflow


Digital showrooming helps brand owners unleash their creative abilities and customers by bundling the latest versions of the software solutions to deliver products to the market quickly and on time. Our best shirt design software is backed by high-quality support and training, and allows you to get going with the latest market trend. The subscription-based model gives you the competitive advantage you need to always stay up-to-date with trends.


    • Helps Upgrading the Collection Line


Whenever you talk to people about their wardrobe collections, they always complain that they don’t get the latest version of it. The probable reason could be due to cost, availability, and getting to know the trend may take months.  These all factors significantly affect customer’s ability to keep up with the new shirts and pants to get the latest features immediately. With digital technology, getting the latest trends is made simple. Those who don’t wish to come down to the stores won’t have to wait for long as they can get the best looks of the formal wear with the comfort of the couch at home.

  • Supports Undisrupted Supply Chain 


Another concern for fashion brands is the constant disruption of the supply chain, and recently due to COVID-19, it was brought to a complete halt. A fully connected supply chain is becoming a necessity in today’s on-demand world. To deliver products quickly and on time, being able to pass data throughout the supply chain seamlessly is a significant key to success. However, having a full suite of integrated solutions can be costly. The upgraded 3D technology will help the brands to its end-users to pick, design, and place an order digitally. This also alleviates the cost of buying by the manufacturers. The technology gives users access to a variety of different products that all work together to create a connected workflow.


Final Words- 

Having an online presence isn’t about only having an e-commerce website anymore. People expect to engage with brands through different channels, and once they click to buy at the checkout, they want to have their goods delivered and in hand ASAP. Therefore, digital technology is the best solution available to cater to the growing demand of customers for something new. The shirt design maker by iDesigniBuy offers a digital platform that enables companies in the fashion sector to grow more rapidly via a more efficient exchange of product information, assortment planning, order processing, and data analysis.


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