Enable End-users Design their Fashion Collection with Apparel Design Software

Refreshing Wardrobe: A pleasant experience for fashion-lovers

What sounds better than the idea of shopping for a brand new range of clothes?

Who doesn’t want to get a new wardrobe without investing hours in shopping centers?

Let your customers design their entire fashion collection in minutes with Apparel Design Software


Shopping for apparel and accessories bring satisfaction and works as a stress reliever. Research has proved that retail therapy is used as a coping mechanism to overcome day-to-day anxiety and stress. And, the opportunity to design a new fashion collection entirely is like icing on the cake.


Well, every fashion lover gets crazy when it comes to shopping stylish and trendy outfits for different occasions. However, the thought of exploring, trying, and buying apparels for hours from a boutique or shopping center is itself very discouraging. Nobody has so much time in the world to get an entire range of fashion collection from physical outlets.


So, what fashion lovers do?


They explore apparel stores online and place random orders depending upon the time availability. They find it challenging to shop many outfits at one go.


What if your customers get the privilege to design their entire fashion collection instantly without even visiting a store!


How Apparel Design Software helps customers in refreshing their wardrobe


Apparel Design software is a collaborative tool that integrates with any e-store and empowers users to custom-create their clothes. Using software, customers can choose any apparel available in the store and customize it using apparel design software. The software allows customizing t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, suits, pants, shirts, and other variety of apparels using intuitive and interactive features.

Thus, with the help of apparel design software, your customers can design an entire fashion collection in a short duration. The software comes with the latest capabilities that allow users to choose and customize every detail of the outfit. For example, while customizing a suit, they can choose fabric for a jacket, vest, and pant from an extensive fabric library. Further, they can specify styles for cuff, collar, lapel, sleeve, vent, pockets, and pleats.

Also, apparel design software supports 3D enablers that help customers to get a three-dimensional view of their outfit so that they can assess the look and finish from all angles and then order a final design.

Why must apparel manufactures integrate apparel design software with their e-store

Apparel design software empowers apparel manufacturers to establish their brand and earn customer loyalty in online space. They can offer an opportunity to create customized apparels to their customers who love to upgrade their wardrobe regularly and desire for new every time.

Let’s see some benefits of integrating apparel design software.

  • Higher store visibility
  • Loyal customer base
  • Expanded reach of business
  • Reduced costs
  • Higher revenue generation
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Lower return rates
  • Higher conversion rate



Your apparel e-store can become a popular site for visitors if they get the chance to refresh their wardrobe with a new fashion collection. All you have to do is integrate apparel design software to your website and experience the shift in business. iDesigniBuy’s Apparel Design Software can help you in accomplishing your business goals while offering high customer satisfaction.

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