Transform your eCommerce Store into a DIY Fashion Outlet

DIY: Latest Trend in the Fashion Industry

Do-it-Yourself popularly known as DIY, is a catchphrase among online users. There are numerous DIY ideas available, ranging from home-decor to designing. People love to do it themselves when it comes to showing creativity.

Fashion Design Software


DIY is also trending in the fashion industry. Gucci, an Italian luxury brands called it DIY stage 2, ‘Design-it-Yourself’ in fashion when it launched a service at their store in Milan that allows customization of jackets, tuxedos, coats, and shoes.


Jimmy Choo’s Creative Director, Sandra Choi, says, “People really want to show their personality, and have something a little different.”


DIY in fashion is catching the attention of fashion lovers who wish to design their apparels on their own. JOANN, a leading fabric, and craft retailer proved this by opening a concept store in Columbus, Ohio, allowing people to learn the art of making custom shirts. JOANN was inspired by the Pinterest search for DIY personalized T-shirts.


Looking to convert your ecommerce store to a DIY Fashion Outlet


Inspired by the industry leaders, apparel manufacturers, and brands are empowering their customers to DIY their apparels at physical as well as e-stores.


DIY offers a lucrative opportunity of attracting fashion lovers who look for freshness and unique ideas. You can also empower your e-store to become a DIY fashion outlet by implementing the right technology. Apparel design software is a sophisticated tool that allows users to unleash their inner creativity and design their own outfits. The software allows creating unique patterns that suit them. With advanced functionalities in apparel design software, the customers can customize their outfits by adding ensembles of styles.


Apparel design software is powered by the latest features that help users in customizing tuxedo, trousers, t-shirts, shirts, jackets, hoodies, and suits. The software is loaded with an extensive library of fabric along with templates for graphics and images. It is also possible to upload personal photos that users want to add on the outfit.


Why DIYers are looking for brands that allow customization


DIY empowers people to create custom clothes that reflect their style and taste. It acts as a medium to vent out the creative flush in people. As Alessandro Michele puts, “The way you dress is really the way you feel, the way you live, what you read, your choices. That’s what I want to put into Gucci, and that’s why I decided to give our customers the possibility of customizing and creating their own Gucci products.”


As stated, DIY facilitates the creation of customized outfits that are inspired by personal imagination and reflect personality statements. People can wear apparels that resonate with their personal brand and not what is being offered in the market.


DIY apparels are perfect gifting options. People feel an emotional bond with their creative output, whether it is a hand-made painting or self-knitted piece. These items cherish love and strengthen the relationships. Thus, when provided with the option of designing clothes on their own, customers would love to create outfits for their loved ones.


Apparel design Software: A one-stop solution for DIYers


Design-it-Yourself is a direct way of inviting your customers to collaborate with your apparel e-store and incorporate some DIY style into their closet. With apparel design software, it is not only simple but also quick. With pre-defined styles, pre-loaded templates and an extensive color palette all your customers have to do is to choose their outfit, think of the design they want, iterate design by adding details, add specific graphics and other interactive elements and here they are: ready with a custom-created apparel style solely owned by them.


Additionally, apparel design software is equipped with 3D functionalities to impart a three-dimensional view so that customers can visualize their design from all angles.


Jennifer Moore, editor-in-chief of the Sewing Report, says, “If you want to get people to shop in your store, you need to create an experience that is worth coming there for. Something that is Instagram worthy.” Apparel design software inspires people to design and share their creative work on social networking platforms.




Millennials are geared up to create their own fashion and are looking for DIY options. This can bring a generational shift in the fashion industry. Your apparel brand can also explore the potential of DIY trend with iDesigniBuy’s Apparel Design Software.