Factors impacting Product Configurator

Customers usually attract towards products and show their excitements that are developed according to their preferences. ECommerce enterprise owners are quite aware that offering customization is something which is best for competent growth. So, to create custom handbags, shoes, t-shirts, and jewelry eCommerce owners should look forward to opting product configurator.

Product Configurator

According to a survey done by an independent agency, “40% of customers like to buy from retailers as per their choice”. So, what are the factors of the product configurator that are creating an impact on business enterprises?

Let’s see:

Effective and efficient customization:

With the help of product configurator, eCommerce business owners make sure that customers design their product according to their color, design, and fonts according to their liking. To implement the process, the owner of an eStore should do the following:

Making the front end store is the best way, and it can be made in the way where it becomes smoother for the end user to initiate the unique, different touch to every product. There should be an option to preview the product so that anyone can see what it looks like in real life.

Mass manufacturing of the products is where usually the company fails. Process of every order should be elaborate, and it critically is followed. But it is possible without hampering the profit.

Apart from this and the mentioned aspects, the location is yet another factor that can be seen.  It is important to decide whether you are going to build or combine the product in the same place or there will be separate space for it, and you can allot the budget and cost strategy as per that.

Future ready:

It is important for business enterprise owner to understand that it is an important time to opt for product design software. The end user not only determines which services/products are but also about its delivery. If you want to establish yourself according to the trend, then it is important to take the supply chain organization. Even if you want your customer to take advantage of high-end products, then you have to invest in product optimization software which starts them according to the end user’s needs and preferences.

Different business owners have the impression that establishing an online web site for printing software is very expensive and complex.  But that is not. There are many ready to integrate Magento based web2print storefronts which should be integrated. It is your call to make sure that the software works according to the needs and requirements of the business and starts the customer’s design according to their preferences.

Complete request in a small span:

Demand and supply for any business based on customer goods are always the most important element. When it comes to customization, it becomes even more important to take care of them. The goodwill and profitability of the business fully based on how you manage with its factors.

It is very important to keep yourself updated based on current market trends, returns, expectations, and operations, etc. Even if demand for a particular product increases, then you should have content that can produce new products. To look at these things, it will eventually help you to know what is needed and what can wait. If you do not get real-time information, then it will be very difficult for you to meet the needs and demands of the consumer and their orders.

Personalization factors:

Different eStore owners allow the client to create a new product by starting a space while some provide predefined templates and consumers can make some changes with the help of many fonts, texts, colors, and clip art, etc. Complete customization will help the customer stay connected to the brand and increase your business revenue. It will be a decision for you that how much customization you are offering.

Whatever one needs to do, make sure that entire design process must not be complex and has numerous options which will attract end user, but once they see that the things are not as per the expectations, then they will not visit the store again.

The points as mentioned above will help in making you clear about the personalization factors. We, at iDesigniBuy, have skilled and experienced developers who create product customization software as per business requirements. Drop us the mail at