Must Have Features for Apparel Design Software

In the past two decades, with the advancement in designing tools and development of the technologies, we have seen growth in the product customization than ever before. By incorporating fashion design software, online retailers and manufacturers make the end-user capable of customizing the item color, design, styles, and other features which improve the demand of the custom-made product.

Apparel Design Software

In today’s digital era, every individual looks for a tailor-made, unique product, whether it’s apparel, shoes or any other fashion accessories. Product customization offers eStore/websites a chance to attract more consumers, thereby making them satisfied and happy. This eventually leads to an increase in sales of your organization. One common thing that every retailer or manufacturer looks for is an apparel design software solution with easy-to-use features and multiple options for customers to customize products.


While integrating any tool to an existing website or store, it is important to pay attention that it only has those features which you can deliver. Your e-store should be interactive and able to build curiosity for users to create their own designs without losing the interest in buying. If you own a clothing business and looking to add a customization option on your store, continue reading this blog to know about the technological aspects to know while selecting clothing design software. We have listed a few of the major features that should be available in the tool to win customers’ loyalty and stay ahead of the competition:


Support Multiple Languages: This is one of the major features as it enables you to explore the global market. For companies looking to get that competitive edge, having a multilingual website is a big milestone to grow the customer base. It is the ultimate way to increase the sales; however, many organizations commit the mistake to neglect this which directly impacts on the business.

Mobile Responsive Website/Store: with the growth of the smartphone industry, many people have started using for everything. We all like to shop on our smart devices. As per the current trends, people started using smartphones and like to accomplish their work on it. In such a situation, having a responsive web-store can assist you in bridging this gap. For business in the e-commerce industry, it is crucial to design a responsive website to run a business successfully without compromising on the customer base.
Online Trial Room: With the advanced technology, retailers can add an option of virtual trail room on their website. It is a powerful tool that promotes your brand and the services while reducing the hassle of trying things in a trial room at physical stores. iDesigniBuy offer the virtual trail room solution, which helps your customers to design outfits with their unique style, tries various looks, and pair their favorite pieces of apparels together.
Zoom In and Zoom Out: Pictures have the ability to change someone’s decision. When any user visits your online store or website, they search for the product with better quality image and if the product has the bad quality or blurred image, they avoid buying from such platform and leave your website immediately. A good quality image can help you to build customer’s trust in your brand. Before buying, a user looks for better quality, clear pictures of items so that he/she will have an idea about the look and feel of the actual product.

360-Degree Preview: This is another common yet important feature that one should include in their website or online stores. With the help of technology, you can facilitate your customers to visually experience their imagination that will help them to make a decision. The best example to explain this feature is 3D rendering, which has changed the world of designing. 360-degree preview is like creating the multi-dimensional pictures of customer’s imagination on the canvas. This way, customers will get a clear image of a what they have created and what they should expect to be delivered. Including such a feature to your website will grab numerous benefits for your business.


The above mentioned are some common yet important features that you should have in any fashion design tool. However, the clothing design software should also include some other features like multiple styles, colors, fabrics, size etc. To get more knowledge about how to grow your ecommerce business with product customization, you can read: