Fashion Design Software Enables Brands to Navigate Through Holiday Season

Online shopping has various names; some call it comfort shopping; some say it is revenge. Whatever names it is given, it is a relatively new business model offering numerous lucrative opportunities to fashion brands. And when the festival season is around the corner, these apparel houses are counting on consumers to spend more money than usual across the globe. With a narrow countdown to Christmas, brands are putting some gloss on sales figures after a staggeringly bleak year. In case you are facing a similar situation in the market, we have got you covered. The 3d clothing design online is an epitome of customization solution that offers numerous benefits to companies and enables them to thrive in the industry. The tool is designed to help cloth manufacturers and retailers maximize their profit and enhance their services as their clients can now follow every process, from selecting apparel to the payment process, in 3d.

 Fashion Design Software Enables Brands to Navigate Through Holiday Season

Fashion Design Software Offers Solutions to Brands to Boost Sales During Christmas Season


The gifting season starts in a few days, and the domain has always been a key player in driving the sales during this time of year. The expectations are running both ways; consumers are head over heels to spend extravagantly, will show their generosity mostly to cheer up their loved ones. And brands would be looking for opportunities to garner profit as they have witnessed some of the hardest times in the history of the fashion industry. With the lesser restrictions on traveling across the globe, people and brands, coincidently, are in a position where they both need each other.


The crowd was recently back at Selfridges on London’s Oxford Street– the day was marked as the end of the second nation-wide lockdown. There were enormous queues formed outside the concessions of Louis Vuitton and other leading brands. A similar pattern is repeating as retailers seek to recoup sales lost during the pandemic. Additionally, the American buyers are anticipated to spend just short of $1,000 on gifts, holiday items, such as decorations and food, and additional non-gift purchases for themselves and their families, according to a survey by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics, which interviewed 7,660 consumers. To drive sales, luxury department store retailers are relying on digital selling tools, virtual and in-person experiences, and early promotions. Therefore, brands need to pull up their socks because a poor show at this time is not the way out. This Christmas there are fewer events, fewer parties, and fewer weddings — all these things are really important for retailers. Let us look at the various ways for brands to redeem themselves in the apparel industry.


Here are some elements that can help companies to scale-up their business even at this point:


  • Re-establish a Sense of Community 

This is the celebration time. Brands will also be spending lavishly decorating their stores with novel items and creating a unique sense of theatrical occasion with a plethora of gifts and other offers. That special role of the stores during the holiday season is emphasized more than ever in the year of Covid-19. One way to do this would be to support the small and medium-scaled businesses and do some community work to re-establish the goodwill of the company. At Lane Crawford in Hong Kong, customers are responding enthusiastically to the retailer’s Support Local program, which promotes small businesses and entrepreneurs, according to Amiee Squires-Wills, vice president of marketing and communications.




Stella McCartney is releasing a limited-edition series of graphic T-shirts inspired by its McCartney A to Z Manifesto and spring 2021 collection to raise money for charity. Conceived during the lockdown, the alphabetized map was designed to highlight the brand’s DNA and blueprint its future intentions; this was brought to life in partnership with 26 global artists. Each of the artists and activists involved in the manifesto was asked to collaborate by picking a letter and visualize it with free rein, explaining the fashion house. Now, 7 of the designs have been chosen to feature on T-shirts to raise money for charity.


  • Elevate the Support for Gifts


As brands are gradually reopening their stores and still need to connect with their buyers, merely announcements won’t help. Apparel brands need to adopt a multichannel strategy to achieve the desired goal. Safety-first shopping protocols are being emphasized throughout department stores. Some 51 percent of holiday shoppers still feel anxious about shopping in-store, according to Deloitte. They can start by communicating about their discounts on various platforms, like social media, messages, boards, and many other things. Besides, offering them gifts and goodies will always go a long way. For example, Neiman Marcus is offering an online gift advisory service, where customers can take a quiz and be paired with an advisor to help select and deliver products. Selfridges has partnered with postal service Royal Mail to offer a “one-stop-shop and ship service” for customers. These unique ways are new in the apparel market and are crucial to mark your presence and increase brand value.




The online dress designer tool works on similar lines, enabling brands to re-establish transparency with its robust business solutions. The customization tool allows fashion houses to streamline their production process by creating a positive brand experience. The proactive strategy of interacting on every channel, responding to comments, and messages, enable labels to the target audience. This personalized multichannel marketing strategy makes more sense to consumers and helps you earn more profit.


  • Provide Digital Shopping Services 


The biggest advantage the pandemic served to the fashion brands is that it compelled the industry to take a hard right turn and commence operating in the digital world. Since the dominating group is millennials in this era, it is pretty much obvious that now brands have to deal with a breed of well-trained virtual customers, and if they fail to live up to any expectations, they will fall flat. The big brands, like Lane Crawford, has also invested in digital clienteling. Store associates have hosted weekly Zoom calls with long-term customers, offering exclusive previews of the store’s decor and advising on gifting and party dressing, says Squires-Wills. Likewise, Harrods has transitioned heavily to omnichannel this year, announcing a global partnership with Farfetch in February as well as boosting its online private shopping options.




And many leading brands could foresee the inception of digital trends in the fashion industry; therefore, they smartly used the lockdown period to educate their store associates about digitization. Therefore, companies like Dior are all set to launch their pre-fall collection on Twitch.

Well, this is certainly a first in fashion history. Dior has announced their latest pre-fall collection will be debuting on streaming platform Twitch in lieu of an in-person fashion show. The collection will also feature Dior’s latest collaboration with artist Kenny Scharf. The show will debut on December 8 at 2 p.m. CET on


You Take the Final Call-


The facts mentioned above make the entire picture clear to brands that they need to alter how they function completely. The changing scenario demands a changing strategy. As a digital technology, along with customization, is gradually gaining its hold on the apparel market, it would be wise to invest in it now. The design your own clothes virtually by iDesigniBuy follows a similar path and helps the brand emerge as a winner in an ever-evolving landscape. The customization tool is designed to promote loyalty and transparency between customers and brands. As the Christmas season is a significant time for everyone, it brings people of all color and class together and establishes hope of rekindling relations. The brands have a unique chance to make the most of these trends, bring positivity, and establish an emotional connection with customers. This season will matter a lot for your customers, who are looking for something positive.


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