Footwear Design Software: Bringing Technology & Environment Together

When people think of the connection between advanced technology and global sustainability, they are immediately taken to something to do with science – windmills, solar panels, and more.

You can’t imagine the fashion industry using innovative solutions to solve the worsening situation on the planet or anything to do with 3D printing technology to make bespoke shoes. If all of this doesn’t seem real to you, carefully read the customization solutions that can turn your buyer’s imagination into reality with the latest technological features. Custom footwear design software is designed to take your business to a new level and characterize your luxury market presence.

Shoe design software that allows brands to bridge the gap between themselves, nature, and buyers:

The production of just one pair of running shoes is equivalent to 13.61 kg of carbon dioxide emissions. Besides, the materials used to make shoes, such as leather, nylon, synthetic rubber, etc., are also harmful to the environment. Some experts found that 5,500-year-old leather shoes were found in a cave in Armenia in 2010. Recycling experts can’t say how long it usually takes for shoes to decompose, but their estimates are around 50 years. If this is the situation we are in, there is no compromise for us not to look at the problem and take the steps necessary to stop the chaos we create as an industry for future generations.

Besides, we have seen how neglect of nature can affect us. That’s why we have to close the gap between nature, brands, and customers. And because shopping at home has become the “new normal,” online and offline shopping must be combined. Driven by the reality we live in today, consumer behavior changes rapidly and is becoming more digital than ever. Experts say that we are now five years ahead of usual to share interesting facts when it comes to digital shopping. In this world, the availability of goods is more important than ever.

Here is some of how technology integration into business models can bring about positive change in the luxury goods market:

• Leveraging targeted buyers:

The pandemic outbreak is pushing consumers out of their typical routine practices. According to a McKinsey survey of consumer sentiment and behavior, shoppers are rapidly adopting a digital lifestyle that focuses on contactless or accessible access to products and services. Consider online shopping, restrictions, and in-store digital payments. And if that’s the trend, why should brands waste their energy delivering excellent service in offline stores where people aren’t ready to flaunt themselves? 3D shoe design software offers a similar set of branded solutions and allows them to provide a new and unique customer experience and increase conversion rates. This tool offers the best solution that keeps your customer journey focused.

• Increased demand for sustainable products:

Buyers are becoming more aware of the company’s policies, strategies, and products. Therefore it is impossible to deceive them. Brands are creating more and more actions these days to meet these requirements and keep their CSR intact. Recently German sporting goods retailer Adidas launched Clean Classics, a new, 100 percent eco-friendly, vegan sneaker. According to a press release, the Clean Classics collection includes Superstar, Stan Smith, Continental 80, and Super court models, which have been redesigned for 2020 with Adidas’ renewed commitment to ending plastic waste.

• Mixing Omnichannel strategy:

Like any new consumer, there is a new generation of affiliate businesses. Even though high-end store services are not available, shoppers are still looking for reliable guidelines. Today, it is more important than ever those employees can serve each customer very well. This means that every employee in the store must be well trained and equipped with the right tools to get the most out of their customer interactions.

Summing up:

We must learn from our mistakes, and the current tide is the perfect time to change if there is a drastic change. The luxury industry has the opportunity to learn from changing consumer behavior to creating new retail models. It can be summed up in one word: Omnichannel. iDesigniBuy’s 3D shoe design software allows brands to unite with e-commerce and help them meet all customers’ needs.

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