Furniture Configurator Helps Leading in an Eco-Conscious Furniture Market

These days people are more interested in buying sustainable products, and this is the primary reason we are seeing such massive growth in the sustainable furniture business. Buyers are smarter, and they are making responsible choices that are helping furniture brands in striking a balance between the environment and their revenues. On a similar notion, our furniture design software operates and enables brands to adopt customization solutions aiding in curbing pollution while supporting companies to stand out from the crowd.

 Furniture Configurator Helps Leading in an Eco-Conscious Furniture Market


 Furniture Configurator Enabling to Walk on the Sustainable Path 


It is evident that eco-friendly furniture causes less damage to the environment and makes the home environment safer. This is all true, but for some time, the furniture industry lagged. With the formation of the Sustainable Furniture Council (SFC) in 2006, people’s process and awareness have become even more prominent.


For the past couple of months, people have been asked to stay indoors, and if they had a bad-quality made furniture, it would take a toll on their bodies. According to a report by the European Respiratory Review“The possible health effects of indoor VOC exposure are a cause for concern, given that people in general, and children in particular, now spend most of their time indoors.”


After understanding the significance of providing eco-friendly furniture, let us look at various ways to do so.


Here are some ways to become sustainable furniture brand:

  • Join Hands with the Prominent Brands 


Some times for a brand venturing into a new field could be frightening and challenging. In such scenarios, the best way to jump in the pool is to join hands with someone who has prior expertise in it. For example, Eileen Fisher, a world-known face of sustainable future, has recently formed a partnership with home design company West Elm. Together they will launch a new line of upcycled home decor pieces, marking the first time the designer has brought her denim felting method to a significant home retailer. Featuring home decor and furniture created using upcycled Eileen Fisher materials, the West Elm + Eileen Fisher collection builds upon the fashion brand’s sustainable mission by giving garments a second life beyond the closet.


  • Use Eco-friendly Materials 


Another way to succeed and mark your presence in people’s minds and hearts is by using the best quality material or sustainable fabrics. For example, Reforest Design, one of the leading furniture companies, released its new collection using manufactured pressed bamboo. It has greater strength than most hardwoods, can be harvested within two years, and produces 30 percent more oxygen a tree during its lifespan.


  • Adopt Customization Solution 


Customization and sustainability have become synonyms of one another. If a product is customizable, that means it is sustainable and vice-versa. These days the furniture is thrown out because of many reasons, such as going with the room, it is too big, or was of bad quality. These dumping factors contribute to the rise of pollution and, ultimately, affect buyers. Customization is the best solution for all these problems. It not only enables people to design furniture they like but also reduces the chances of dumping. Technological innovations also make it possible to let buyers check how their products look after creating and then proceed to buy. The customizable furniture works on similar ground and enables brands to allow their buyers to change every little thing about their dreamy furniture. It ensures transparency by letting customers alter the product’s fabric and order one of the best quality materials.


  • Incorporate Technology to Promote Sustainability 


Technology has become a massive part of all our lives, and it has impacted us so much. Though many would argue, it caused more problems than solving them, but if you use it wisely, they have the potential to save our planet. Innovations, including 3d printing, augmented reality, virtual reality has all transformed the lives and how people do business. Sustainable furniture depends on four things, first, are the materials going into the production sustainably produced? Second, just how far do the materials or the product have to travel in fulfilling an order? Third, will people love the product enough to keep it for a long time, and lastly, is there a plan for when it’s no longer needed? 3D printing helps us meet all of these goals. It lets us efficiently use materials derived from food waste or non-petroleum origins instead of typical plastics and foams.



The Ball is Your Court- 

As a luxury industry, we have come a long way, but a lot more needs to be done. With the furniture industry responsible for Earth’s deforestation, many new companies are coming forward to address these issues. It is not one man’s job; together, we can do it and make our future better and more beautiful. We just need to take small yet significant steps to get where we want to be. The customized furniture online by iDesigniBuy is a step towards an eco-friendly environment with its customization solutions and technological advancements.


Allow us to make a better future with you!