How Furniture Configurator Helps in Gaining Ecommerce Success?

The online furniture industry is experiencing a boom. It is anticipated to grow by about 10% annually for the next several years. Sometimes buyers think that purchasing furniture online might pose some challenges such as fitting the couch in the living room, matching fabric, and, most importantly, receiving the updates of the product bought. If you feel that your customers go through the same experience, then we have got you covered. The best furniture software will help you solve all of these problems with its latest customization solutions. The tool allows your buyers to view the trending designs, customize the entire furniture, and preview it before placing the order.


Installing the Furniture Configurator Helps Brands Boom in the Luxury Market 


Shopping for new furniture, be it a couch, table, chair or anything, isn’t very much dissimilar to shopping for a car. Customer in both scenarios is investing money and time and certainly expects the best of products to be delivered as it is likely to stay longer with him/her. The designs chosen by your consumers will be a part of their daily lives, visible and used in almost everything. People have memories associated with furniture, and therefore, you must offer them such items that they will cherish in their entire lifespan. In such situations, a 3D configurator is the best tool for manufacturers and sellers as they can bring the product to life in real-time, ensure buyer confidence, and as a result, create sales that stick.


Before jumping on to any conclusion, first, hear out the benefits of configured furniture:


  • Live the Life in 3D


Your buyers can see the entire product and its minute details, like color, material, shape, design, and many more in 3d.  They can look at all the styles, and as per their requirement, they can customize it with the comfort of their home. The configurator helps to start the production process immediately, considering all the parameters in real-time.


  • Compatible with Various Devices


Gone are those days when people rely only on the computer or physical stores to get their items delivered at home. We live in the multichannel era, where brands must connect with buyers through various platforms. Implementing the furniture design software online will help you focus only on users and transform their imagination into reality. The tool responds to desktop and mobile phones alike as it offers easy to use interface and one-stop solutions.


  • Easy Implementation on Website


Before selecting any software, the brands must ensure that they can be seamlessly integrated into all webshops and websites. Our customization tool is easy to manage and allows the business owner to get full control over fonts, clipart’s, products, and colors. We also provide free technical supports to our clients for better technical understanding.


After understanding the basic features of the customized furniture, it’s also essential that you know the market so that your offers and demands are in sync.


Here are some of the market trends:

  • Use of VR/AR Technology  


The biggest challenge faced by the manufacturers and retailers of the furniture market is that people are unsure whether the product would fit into the house. To counter this notion, brands have started adopting AR/VR technology so that buyers are completely aware of the spacing of the item, and if they want, they can customize it too. Consider the case of La-Z-Boy is offering several 3D augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) tools to customers, sales associates, and designers.


  • Application of 3D Solutions


Besides AR, furniture companies are also implementing 3d solutions. For example, Threekit’s interactive 3D and AR extension allow online buyers to spin, customize, and see their product in augmented reality. The company is making it possible to add essential features and change attributes like color, texture, and style, all in real-time.


  • Implementation of Visual Technology 


The use of 3d solutions and AR for customer experience have brought us to the era of visual technology where buyers are exposed to all sorts of information. And brands need to access these multiple touchpoints to convince customers to buy products with higher quality content. Creating all these elements would consume a lot of time, money, and energy, and therefore, you should maximize the utility by investing in a versatile visual. These would include 360-degree preview, add to cart thumbnails, and anything that enhances the product’s aesthetic value. Investing in high-poly assets at the beginning can save you a lot of headaches.




To sum up the blog, the advent of technology has created a room full of opportunities to produce different product variations ad appeal to the scenic beauty of the customer’s house. Room scenes help explain the features of the product (color, fabric, and size), but they also help customers visualize how the product looks in a real-life setting. The furniture design software by iDesigniBuy will help you to capitalize on the latest trends with its lucrative solutions and showroom aspects.


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