Furniture Design Software: A Powerful Tool to Revitalize Furniture Business

Helping someone make a house of their dream is a noble act, and the right furniture can help people transform their room. Whether some choose a classic rocking chair or stylish egg furniture, these designs can revitalize the home décor. And the cherry on the cake is customization. It plays a vital role in aiding companies to create unique custom furniture that perfectly suits their taste, style, and space. Our furniture customization software offers a similar set of guidelines to labels and enables them to transform customers’ home interior. The tool is well-designed to empower brands to control the entire supply chain and deliver what is asked by the consumer.

 furniture design software

Furniture Design Software: A Helping Tool for Brands Willing to Tap on Lucrative Opportunities


If one theme unites the furniture trends we will be seeing in the year ahead, it is the shift in the way we live and work. Our desire for an increasingly sustainable way of life, for example, is leading to a renewed interest in vintage and antique furniture. Other trends, like furnishings with a playful sensibility and seating that fosters collaboration, seemingly point to a collective desire to make more meaningful connections with our friends and colleagues—and our furniture. Additionally, during this course of the pandemic, people have spent most of their time at home, courtesy of home isolation and work remotely. And due to this, many industries, such as restaurants, have suffered the most.


Earlier furniture companies would try to focus on and target the offices and restaurants for selling their products. Still, as these places are shut, they are now returning to sofas, wardrobes, cupboards, and other items that were considered an afterthought. Since people are spending more time at home, it makes sense to produce items that will be required more by the people. If you’re in need of some motivation to find furniture that you’ll absolutely love, we have you covered. In this blog, we will illustrate various reasons and factors that spur the furniture industry’s growth. This is the only sector that, despite numerous hindrances, kept going and was always in demand. Thus, let us look at the several elements that help the domain reach where it is today.


Here are some of the primary reasons for the growth of the furniture industry in this pandemic:


  • Fast-Tracked Ecommerce 


During the time of home quarantine, people have spent most of their time doing online shopping, and therefore, it was crucial for brands to fast-track their entire production process. The ones that were able to do it emerged as winners. Besides, the most obvious example of this pivot has come from office furniture makers, who have all become work-from-home furniture makers. Some of that move was simple—a few product tweaks and some new marketing copy. But behind the scenes, going from office to home office is complicated by the fact that big contract players aren’t used to selling to individual homeowners.
Their challenge has been to not only recast their product for the home but find a way to get it there. This push helps explain why the big legacy players have been snapping up smaller DTC companies.  For example, Pennsylvania-based furniture giant Knoll acquired buzzy Portland, Oregon–based online office furniture maker Fully, whose revenue growth subsequently shot up 100 percent.

  • Manufacture Home Office Furniture 


When people were asked to work from home, their major concern was productivity, but JDP’s study suggests there would be little problem with Americans working from home forever. Research into the sentiments of 2,000 respondents found two-thirds convinced their productivity is as good or better when working from home. A huge majority (92%) believed their boss trusts them when working from home. Therefore, brands should focus on producing home office furnishings that can accommodate people’s choices and help them work in better conditions.
In fact, the furniture industry’s future seems to be in providing and catering to office staff’s demands, with bosses and colleagues deferring to some employees’ wishes for remote work on some workdays. The dividend paid out by this transition to greater flexibility could eventually be a healthier work-life balance for office teams than previously thought possible. And in this, a customization solution serves the purpose the best. Our furniture design software online enables companies to provide top-notch designs for tables and chairs and allows customers to design it as per their requirements. The tool accommodates the need for creating furniture in 3d. It offers 360-preview of the designed product and supports customers in having a complete look at the item before making the final payment.

  • Leverage Mobile Technology to Succeed


It’s normal for people to gaze into their phones for hours and the time just flies. The small screened device provides tremendous scope for brands to target their customers. IKEA has been offering an augmented reality (AR) component to their mobile application, which superimposes a 3D modeled piece of furniture onto a smartphone’s camera viewfinder. However, IKEA’s acquisition of Geomagical Labs takes the capability to design your home a lot further.
The opportunities are endless for brands that are willing to leverage mobile technology to succeed in the furniture industry.


  • Tap into Commercial Domain of Customization 


Yes, it is understandable that commercial brands find it challenging to break into the crowded market of furniture, but it is also true that it brings many advantages to them. First of all, you can get rid of strict guidelines for designs and budgets. With customization coming into the picture, your customers are empowered to design their furniture, and based on the personalization; they have to pay. Thus, your brand holds a unique appeal for an antsy homeowner. And a designer who focuses on luxury hotels doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel to tackle a bedroom refresh.
Another advantage: The scale of commercial production volume, which typically consists of order in the realm of 30 chairs, as opposed to two or three, allows brands like Only Good Things to keep their pricing competitive with West Elm or Blu Dot for a trade-quality product.


The Ball is in Your Court-
From the cases mentioned above, it is evident that peoples’ lifestyle has changed completely. Only the furniture industry has the potential to sustain itself, even during testing. As more companies are providing reimbursement for buying furniture to set up an office at home, many brands are eyeing this trend as an incredible growth source. And for those who thought that sofas, beds, and home are not becoming the main trend should start thinking again. This is absolutely the right time to venture into the furniture industry, as many new trends are starting, and several brands are gradually catching up with technology in this domain. Since the sector is in the budding stage, it would be wise to invest time and money in something that can bear fruits in the near future. Customization is one such solution that takes your business to the next level. The furniture design by iDesigniBuy is a leading fashion-tech company holding expertise in providing robust solutions that help brands meet the dynamic requirement of modern-day customers. The tool makes it possible for companies to implement the latest technologies onto their ecommerce storefront and make the most of the current trends and shopping behavior.
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