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In the age of see-now-buy-now fashion, the traditional business model seems quite challenging to sustain as they are relatively slower in adopting fast-paced shopping journeys. The advancement of technology has enabled fashion brands and retailers to capitalize on instant customers’ demands and gratify their needs more quickly. Working on similar lines is our Jacket Designer that provides customization solutions to retailers

fashion houses that are seeking opportunities to excel in meeting all the demands put forth by customers. Its advanced technology allows your buyers to customize their jackets in whichever way they like and also preview their creativity using 3d technology and make the necessary changes in their apparel before placing an order.  

Jacket Design Maker Offers Marvelous Solutions to Leverage New eCommerce Trends  

Earlier, meeting customers’ demands at an affordable price was a big no-no for many brands, and they were often dubbed as “fast fashion” retailers. They made the most of the streamlined production cycles to release on-trend pieces in a matter of weeks. As a result, fashion firms, such as Zara, H&M, and others, could drive down apparel prices. At the same time, overall costs for retail goods has continued to creep higher and higher, further fueling the consumer demand for cheap chic. However, it is crucial to note that the traditional model of four seasons in a year is becoming obsolete, and therefore, fast fashion retailers are manufacturing luxury trends from runways months before they are launched in the market. This puts a huge dent in luxury sales when the product is available in the market. Many leading retailers, including American Eagle Outfitters, Gap Inc., and Kohl’s, have taken note and are pushing to shorten their development cycles to keep up in the competitive retail environment. However, the onset of the pandemic has hit the fashion Jacket Designer industry extremely hard, with many retail and departmental stores closing, many customers are increasing moving towards online retailers, and numerous brands are diligently working towards maintaining market share amidst this new trend. For example, Kohl is enabling 40 per cent of its proprietary brands to operate on a faster production cycle and cutting production time from six months to three months. The initiative will focus on women’s clothing and use it to expedite its other strategies. Others retailers like Gap are leveraging trends and partnerships through “mini-collections.” Target also has a strategy with their Lilly Pulitzer and the recent Victoria Beckham For Target limited releases.  

Nevertheless, in the coming days in 2022, the fashion eCommerce trends 2022 will primarily be driven by customers’ expectations and needs. These days, shopping has become synonymous with perfect online functionalities, customized experience, and instant shopping support and services at any given time. Additionally, the modern-day shopper’ interaction process with digital channels has taken a 360-degree turn from a linear model to a more complex journey across different online and offline touchpoints. Thus, it would be appropriate to say that consumers expect an uninterrupted experience at all times.  

According to the statistics provided by the Fashion and Apparel Industry report, the global eCommerce revenue is anticipated to rise from $481.2 billion in 2018 to $712.9 billion by 2022. The primary reasons behind this surge in the segment could be increasing online access through smart gadgets, such as smartphones and other devices, rising adoption of innovative technologies by fashion eCommerce brands, growing fashion Jacket Designer market outside of the West, and surging dominance millennials in the market. Indeed, having a mere eCommerce website for shopping won’t do justice to your online sales as customers want their shopping experience to be immersive, personalized, and interactive along with being enjoyable. This calls for us to look deeper at the trends that fuel up the need of providing top-notch customer services and ensure growth in the changing landscape of the fashion industry.  

Here are various factors and trends that ensure the business expansion amid uncertainties in the virtual world:  

  • Never Ridicule the Power of Artificial Intelligence  

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken the fashion industry by storm as fashion is not just defined by what someone is wearing and how they choose their clothes; instead, it is more about taking a form of self-expression and projecting one’s choices and preferences. The advanced technology helps apparel brands and retailers predict customer preferences, suggest some designs, offer advisory roles to fashion companies, and many others. And in the coming days, its role in the sector is only going to increase exponentially. If you have still not hoped on the Artificial Intelligence bandwagon to engage with customers, you are most certainly lagging. According to research by IMRG & Hive, three-quarters of eCommerce fashion brands are expected to invest in AI in the next few years. Ecommerce giant Alibaba has already invested $15bn in R&D labs in an attempt to become the AI leader. At the same time, Gartner predicts that customers will manage 85 per cent of their relationships with a brand without interacting with a human by 2022.  

With each passing day, AI in the fashion Jacket Designer industry is emerging as a powerful tool to help brands and retailers strive for business expansion and growth. The technology helps brands to ensure that customers don’t waste their time looking through irrelevant products, they should be able to find products they like and want, and their shopping experience should be personalized and customized. Having AI on their sides, brands can leverage data collected from customers and predict trends, behavior, expectations, and many other factors. These insights are then utilized to create better and positive shopping experiences. AI-powered personalization is also increasingly used to recommend products to customers as buyers can associate themselves more with the relevant discounts and deals that compel them to shop for more. Besides, they like having their shopping experience accelerated in the process. We offer customization services that enable your customers to create their own jacket in 3d technology on similar lines. The customization tool helps brands and retailers to gain necessary insights into what customers like and provide top-notch services to enhance their shopping experiences.  

  • Unleash the Power of Chatbots  

The fashion sector was one of the first industries to recognize the significance of chatbots for expanding their footprints in online commerce. Despite chatbots being a branch of AI, they are slightly different services to offer. Businesses use them to communicate directly with customers, talk them into relevant deals and products, and help them identify products they might want or need. All these initiatives are well intended to drive sales and revenue. For instance, Facebook Messenger is used by the fashion Jacket Designer industry to exchange messages and promote their collection or content to their current and prospective customers. Many top fashion retailers, including H&M, uses chatbots allowing shoppers to customize and buy their own outfits. Tommy Hilfiger’s chatbot, for example, engages with customers by first introducing itself as a bot and then offering a variety of options. It enables their shoppers to browse through the collections, proceed directly to the catalogue of available items, or even get the bot to help them select an outfit. The bot filters down the collections to suggest the items fitting customers’ styles by asking more probing questions.  

Chatbots are valuable supporters in terms of customer engagement, cost efficiency, fashion eCommerce conversion rate, and market reach. Budding apparel companies can benefit the most from chatbots as they increase their brand’s awareness, value, and presence. In the coming days, we shall see more use of chatbots in the fashion sector as they emerge as one of the biggest fashion industry trends in 2022.  

  • Leverage Multi-Channel Retail  

Customers were holistic customer experience as they always on to be aware of what their favorite brand is up to and want to be a part of their decision making or expansion of business. Many eCommerce fashion companies are expanding their offers to be more customer-focused and include “bricks and clicks.” On average, multi-channel marketing and sales increase their revenue by 38 per cent, 120 per cent, and 190 per cent with every additional channel. Multi-channel marketing helps brands and retailers to reach wider audiences and promote and sell anywhere customers go and purchase. The omnichannel strategy enables companies to bring more than one platform into a single space, including social media, messaging apps, marketplaces, and online communities everywhere your target audiences exist.  

Several leading fashion companies sell their customers through shoppable Instagram posts, native Facebook stores, or marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Google, and many other platforms. Apparel companies can win over the market by substantially creating their collections for specific segments. Omnichannel is critical for enticing consumers and keeping them engaged from their first digital impression to the last phase of purchasing a product. Multi-channels yield big fashion eCommerce return rates in the coming year as it offers the bests customer service across various channels.  

  • Lead with Social Media Marketing  

Social media is an integral part of everyone’s life, and brands and retailers have done a great job in using this platform to entice their buyers and offer them new services and solutions that soar more sales. The video segment in social media is emerging as a dominant medium in social media. According to Entrepreneur, Instagram Stories are used by 200 million Instagram users every month; thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that Instagram makes a key platform to market popular clothing websites and best apparel eCommerce sites from the fashion eCommerce space. It is crucial for fashion companies to make their presence felt across various platforms, such as Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Facebook, and many other platforms. Video also makes the content on the spaces makes it every more aesthetically pleasing.  

Facebook and TikTok are also anticipated to have an advantage in 2022 because of these platforms, making it a lot easier for them to offer personalized customer experiences. Buyers tend to have more visual learners who shop with their emotions, and videos serve as the best way to trigger more emotions. More fashion businesses realize this trend, and consequently, more companies are leaving no stone unturned in capitalizing on video marketing which has already become one of the top fashion marketing trends. Trying to bring in a distinct tint to your next mobile application development venture?  

Moreover, 2022 will be the year where influencers will drastically shift from “who” to “how” because a couple of years back, influencer marketing faced real challenges as many influencers face trust. In the next few years, social media platforms, such as Instagram, will ensure that the integrity of these social media influencers is restored and as they plan to make it more elegant and less superficial. Those brands will gain an edge over the years and learn to activate influencers in more interesting ways. Thus, it is likely that influencer marketing will become a serious part of the online marketing mix. Also, user-generated content increases a brand’s reach and engagement on social media platforms. This user-generated content also helps brands boost their conversions, and it is also a great way to show that your customers love your brand. Thus, in the next few years, we shall witness more social media strategies tailored to boost online sales.  

To Conclude-  

Indeed, the pandemic has affected every aspect of the fashion Jacket Designer business as more buyers, including the baby boomers, have shifted to a virtual mode of business. It is imperative that apparel houses realize the rising significance of online retailing as more lockdowns are in store with the rising coronavirus cases. The fashion Jacket Designer industry is more likely to provide a new route that involves a sense of realization in buyers for the actual irrelevance of being an avid trend follower. The custom jackets by iDesigniBuy help brands’ and retailers’ customers to let them explore their creative side and become a trendsetter on their own. With the help of our tool, they can preview the customized product as they design it, thus enabling fashion houses to offer exceptional customer experiences and garner more profit.  

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