Jewelry Design Software Helps Brands Attain Growth in the Accessories Market

Customization and jewelry go hand-in-hand, and in the past, when these two were brought together, they created some exceptional and incredible arts that people can go gaga over. Customization has been the buzzword in jewelry for the past few years, and it continues to evolve, particularly in engagement rings and necklaces. It helps people show their love and cherish their memory forever. These emotional bonds enable companies to form a strong and loyal relationship with their customers. On a similar note, our online jewelry design software works and helps brands to establish transparent and trustworthy relations with customers through its modern-day customization solutions. The tool is designed to empower your consumers to select, design, and personalize their ornaments and visualize them in 3d.

 jewelry Design Software Helps Brands Attain Growth in the Accessories Market

Jewelry Design Software Shows Success Path in the Accessories Market


Since the past decade, small and medium-sized designers and manufacturers have responded well to the women’s changing needs for the jewelry they buy for themselves as well as pieces that are gifted. The pieces that once spoke of status and keeping up with the peers transformed into styles that signify different times in a women’s life, which will tell and intimate their personal stories. Symbolism and meaning became as important as beauty and craftsmanship—personalization as essential as the 4Cs in diamonds and gemstones’ color.
Historically speaking, customization was the only way jewelry was made. However, in between, we witnessed the wave of brands creating their version of ornaments with alternative styles in color, cuts, designs, and many other forms. The new classics had opened the doors for more interest in antique and vintage rings and diamonds. For some time, this trend too ruled over customers, but gradually it came full circle in a matter of time. Creating something as per the specific instruction of the buyer is essentially how the fashion began. And as technology advances, ways of selling custom-made jewelry is also changing. Manufacturers and retailers rely heavily on the online and virtual mode of business, and in the last couple of months, what we saw massive isolation across the globe, propelled the online business. It has also been heavily inspired by millennials who are seeking out rings that are completely original to their lifestyles.


From the above paragraph, it is evident why several jewelry designers are selling online, but we have not covered how they are doing it until now. Let us dive in to know more about their strategies to conquer the luxury market.


Here are some factors driving the growth of customized jewelry in the ecommerce world:

  • Opting for Online Digital Ecommerce Storefronts 


During and post-pandemic, the jewelry brands have tagged hefty amount on each of their pieces; this didn’t go down well with consumers because they were also exposed to enriching customer experience and physically seeing beautiful designs. And as the traditional business model failed to entertain a large group of people, the jewelry sector sooner became one of the slowest areas of physical retail to embrace e-commerce. Witnessing downfall is not an option, and any entrepreneur would want to fight back. Signet Jewelers, the largest jewelry retailer in the U.S. and parent of brands including Kay, Jared, and Zales, sped the adoption of options like virtual selling and curbside pickup to accommodate shoppers wary of being in close quarters with others.
The label was falling short on the digital front, and stores’ closing for weeks hampered their revenue. With wedding and festival season coming up, the brand was in great need to revolutionize their business model and digital shopping experience. Similarly, our 3d jewelry design, a customization solution encompassing modern-day features like virtual shopping, mobile accessibility, and many others, provide a platform to ecommerce brands for advancing their businesses. Through the tool, your customers are able to customize, add names or initials to their pieces of jewelry and have a clear view of the product with a 360-degree preview in 3d.

  • Enhancing Customization Program


Dominant shoppers these days are millennials and Gen Z, and they crave for personalization, which helps them to be a trendsetter and not a follower. Over the last 10-15 years, we’ve seen the concept of “create your own” become a major driver of the business. This is true at the high-end, with our customization of engagement rings, but also in the mass market and smaller independent designer brands. And therefore, bespoke companies, like U.K.’s Taylor & Hart to smaller brands like Jemma Wynne and antique dealers and designers Estate Diamond Jewelry to larger manufacturers, such as Kwiat, continue to evolve their customization programs. Evolving these programs means highlighting what your other initiatives are and collaborating with customers through social networking sites.
Instagram is booming these days, and brands that can successfully crack through buyers’ minds emerge as winners. This is a smart strategy adopted by various jewelry designers; for example, consider the case of Jemma Wynne‘s bespoke process. Before starting the designing process, the designer wants to understand what the customer is imagining or thinking to do with the ornament. It normally takes time to understand what clients are looking for; budget, style, and stone selection sometimes come into play. They focus on more unique settings, such as their signature open rings, east-west bezel settings in yellow gold, and other styles with a modern yet enduring vibe.

  • Reading the Room and Offering the Latest Designs 


Reading the situation and accordingly acting upon it is key to succeed in any business, and the jewelry market is no different. Brands have to be on their toes to encash what is going on in this world and how their product and consumers relate to it. Forming partnerships with stronger market giants always takes your business to the next level and helps you understand all the market tricks to succeed in the market. This is why Swarovski has partnered with Warner Bros. and D.C. to celebrate the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 movie with two new collections for its Atelier Swarovski and Swarovski core ranges.


According to brand owners, the ornaments are designed to promote women’s empowerment that aligns well with the movie and the general public discourse. The jewelry collections are inspired by the super hero’s power of femininity, strength, and determination, and several designs draw inspiration from her golden armor and eagle wings. The core collection features Swarovski crystals and golden tones with highlights, including a Wonder Woman crystal mesh cuff, Swarovski crystal pavé hoops, and a bold double ring with the Wonder Woman motif.


  • Catering to the Demands of Young Consumers 


As discussed above, the dominating shopping group, millennials are craving individuality, and there are lesser brands to feed them with the services that suit their needs. The result is visible on the sales reports published by various brands, including Pandora. Take advantage of these trends and help them to say their thoughts out loud in public. Singer and digital creator Loren Gray announced the launch of &always, a company that empowers young adults to express themselves and find their confidence through jewelry. According to the brand owner, she started the brand to celebrate the different ways millennials express themselves through bespoke ornaments. These are the effective tools to communicate with young minds and understand what they are looking for.


For Loren, like many other young adults, mirrors have been a source of insecurity. Instead of turning away from it, she’s encouraging herself and others to channel the trailblazing self-confidence of Old Hollywood icons and transform the mirror into a symbol of self-confidence.


  • Rising Requirement of Diamond 


As wedding season is coming up, more couples are buying diamond engagement rings, with bridal sales being their primary source of diamond jewelry demand in recent months. According to the report published by the De Beers Group, the rate at which couples are getting engaged in the U.S. had increased compared to the period when Covid-19 first had an impact in the country in the spring. In addition, despite challenging economic times, consumers were spending more than ever on diamond engagement rings – often upgrading in color, cut, and clarity, rather than size. Several jewelers speculated that with consumers spending less on elaborate weddings and honeymoons in the current environment, they had more to spend on choosing the perfect ring.


From the above facts, it is evident that now is the perfect time for stakeholders to invest in the jewelry business as more buyers are inclined to buy rings and pendants than ever. Blending the design with customization can also take your business to a new level.


Wrapping Up- 


To sum up the blog, it would be appropriate to comment that if luxury brands mix the right technology with strategy, there are more chances of succeeding in the market. The idiom of hitting when it is hot aptly suits the current situation, and making drastic changes in the business model would benefit them the most. The jewelry design by iDesigniBuy is a customization solution that provides helping hands to jewelry labels to revamp their traditional business mode and adopt something that can revolutionize and spur their brand value and revenue. The tool accommodates all the changes made by the user and expedites personalization designs in 3d, thus, empowering you to provide an enhanced customer experience.

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