Mask Customization Helps Fashion Brands Entice Technology-Savvy Buyers

Not wearing a facemask is out the question; the fight among the fashion brands is how to make it more interesting, enticing, and jaw-dropping. And with customization taking the market by storm, brands are now competing to make covers more appealing. The face covering customization enables brands to let their buyers have full control over their designing of facemasks and taking care of their health. The tool helps brands use innovative technology that allows their buyers to create their fashion style while they sit back at home using a digital medium.

Mask Customization Helps Fashion Brands Entice Technology-Savvy Buyers


Mask Customization Enables Brands to Combine Technology and Fashion 


The thing is, to mask or not to mask very much, not the question. Of course, the sole purpose of wearing it is to protect oneself against the Covid-19 that one may not know but has. Plus, it means that people are better protected as well in general. But sometimes brands or their buyers fail to recognize the significance of manufacturing and buying a good quality mask. The unaware public occasionally indulges in purchasing cheap and disposable models that might be good for health but add up to landfill. In such conditions, offering customization solutions to buyers will not only help brands control wastage but also have a check at the quality control.


Many leading brands, such as GapNordstrom, AerieAmerican Eagle, and many others, have added masks as their product on their website while combining the best quality and technology.



Let’s look at how we can ensure the brands are able to make the best quality mask:


  • Taking Customization to the New Level


Customization is one of the best ways to control waste of masks, and technology plays a vital role. Many leading fashion designers are combining these two authoritative sources to let buyers wear the most tech-friendly mask. The fashion designer, Chelsea Klukas of Lumen Couture, created a LED Display mask with a thin LED matrix screen, and wearers can control what it displays — drawings, custom text, and even voice inputs— via an app. The app offers a microphone input, and some wearers use it to post social distancing messages— like “stand back” or “6 feet”— that might be difficult to hear someone say with their mouth covered.



Similarly, the custom printed face mask helps brands to let customers design their fashionable face covers and also imprint messages of social distancing and hygiene on it. The tool will ensure that the costumes produced by the brand are of the highest quality and give them a fair chance to establish transparency as it offers a 360-degree preview to buyers. They can design and check if they liked the product they created and further head towards the final payment.


  • Embracing Technology can Leap You Forward


The disposable masks are causing lousy influence on the environment; therefore, brands need to seek recyclable alternatives. With advancements in the technology field, some labels have successfully found ways to cater to the environment and people’s needs. The British brand, Burberry, has taken its first foray into face mask fashion with the launch of a designer 90 pounds reusable face covering. The reusable masks made in Italy, also provide particle filtration efficiency (PFE) and are enhanced with antimicrobial technology, which protects the product from microbes and germs. The outer and inner lining is made from 100 percent cotton and the filling from 100 percent polyester. Each mask also comes with its matching travel pouch, which is also treated with antimicrobial technology.


  • Using Influencers to Impact the Fashion Market 


Several influencers have been seen sporting masks as an accessory in events, live shows, and videos much bef­­­ore the pandemic. Billie Eilish, known for her distinctive style and impressive vocals, was seen wearing a Gucci mask to the 2020 Grammy’s Awards event. Rapper Cardi B, in the recent Men’s Fashion Week in Paris, wore a diamond-encrusted face mask as an accessory. Ayo & Teo, a duo of dancers and musicians, are known for their shark and panda masks.


The Choice is Yours- 

Until we find a dominant defense against the COVID-19, wearing a mask is the only option; it provides us a great balance of reliable protection and outstanding comfort. The fad of wearing masks won’t go away so quickly, and historically it has been a part of many cultures and countries. The face mask custom design by iDesigniBuy is designed to help brands to let their buyers come up with unique fashion sense while keeping health, quality, and environment in mind. The tool comes with built-in customization features that make it possible for leading fashion companies to flourish in the market and let the revenue hike.


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