Seize Customization Opportunity with Online Tailoring Design Software

As today’s brands hone their approaches to giving consumers customized products, tailored experiences and personalized recommendations. The process of achieving these standards typically means giving a valuable asset to consumers—their personal style.

People working in corporate offices, try to dress smart with their crisp shirts in beautifully tailored suits. The dress code is so intimidating yet impressive that it makes one wonder could these be tailored. The online tailoring design software is a platform that will help leading to allow their end-users decide what they want to wear. Consumers are embracing the changing business, and it is demonstrated by the increasing market value of personalization. This in turn is increasing pressure on the companies to ensure, maintain, and gain consumer trust.

Advantages of Online Tailoring Design Software


  • Trust


Buyers trust their designers more than anyone in the world. The fact is proven by a report called Connecting with Customers:2020, and it further states that 57% (across all generations surveyed) trust retailers over banks to protect their personal information.

But this is a tricky obligation to be trapped in. The leading apparel companies gain such popularity because they are far more accessible than any other institution. The former has global outreach and is omni present. When a customer knows your strategies, and intentions, he/she is more likely to trust the brand.

  • Consistency


Artificial information helps in delivering a uniform approach that helps the made-to-order companies to scale up their business model. The technology makes it possible for the customers to get guidance immediately through its user- friendly interface. When a buyer knows there is someone listening and responding to him/her, the likelihood of shopping from the brand increases. Consider the case of Amazon, its customer recommendation works so efficiently that 44% of its consumer buy products from its recommendations.

  • Fitting


The pre-designed clothes are generally copy, poorly made, and ill-fitting. Customization takes years – it’s the ultimate sustainable style and fitting from head to toe is a big step. Consumers love clothes that are exclusive and stylish but struggle to find one. They either have to compromise with a bigger size which drowns them around the middle, or a smaller size, which fits in the waist but is too tight.

  • Cost


Yes, the cost of the customized apparel would be higher but it would fit great, with a defined size, personalized sleeves, and no gap. With a little calculation the consumer would think it is cheaper to buy a shirt than the myriad of inferior versions they have thrown out over the years. These clothes are likely to last longer, and can be repaired if the collar or cuffs eventually become tatty.

The custom apparel design software helps clothing manufacturers and retailers to get a hold of the market trend. It offers them modern solutions that aids in getting a competitive advantage in order to sustain in the ever-evolving sector.

Learn from the Brands and Stay Ahead with Online Tailoring Design Software


The notions mentioned above are verified by Indochino, the made-to measure menswear recently added Chinos to its product line. Customers can make their own pants from a variety of options, such as pleats, cuffs, pockets, buttons, and more. The brand has revolutionized the suit buying process for men by providing them with personalized fits, a seemingly endless amount of customizable options, and affordable prices — all from the comfort of their homes.

The company has successfully flipped the traditional tailoring processes, and made custom menswear accessible to everyone through virtual medium. Their clothes are affordable, and fit that any men would have worn. Their aesthetic taste in the apparel business is what makes them stand out from the crowd.


Personalization is not a fleeting business trend: it is marketing “must” that is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. Ultimately, it is consumers’ hunger for a hyper-personalized approach to building a relationship with retailers and brands. And, it’s an incredibly powerful opportunity. The online tailoring design software by iDesigniBuy offers golden opportunities to the leading brands who wish to thrive in the apparel domain.

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