Online Tailoring Software: Generating Omnichannel Growth Opportunities

The competition is getting fierce in the apparel industry. Not only apparel brands and companies have to outperform their digital competitors but also fulfill the needs of customers whose behavior and expectations are evolving rapidly. This is because modern customers are using a combination of


Online Tailoring Software Generating Omnichannel Growth Opportunities


online and offline channels. According to research by McKinsey & Company, more than 60% of the shopping journeys are digitized either during the research phase or transaction phase. Apparel industry forecasts suggest that nearly 100 percent of the growth in the US apparel market will be omnichannel sales in the coming three years.


Moreover, ecommerce sales are increasing rapidly, thereby giving a potential reason to fashion companies to expand their online presence. According to CGS 2020 Annual Report, there are typically six channels through which a consumer interacts with brands including ecommerce website, online market place, wholesale, social media, brick and mortar retail, and pop-up stores mentioned in the order of the growth opportunities they will offer in 2020.

The trends mentioned above indicate that fashion companies are going to face a broad base of omnichannel shoppers in the coming time. Thus they need to adopt agile methods while departing from conventional business models.


iDesigniBuy’s online tailoring software is a comprehensive tool that has been diligently created while keeping in mind the needs of modern entrepreneurs who are looking for ways to embrace technology and offer a smooth customer experience across all the channels. Online tailoring software integrates with your brand’s website and produces endless opportunities for your customers to custom-create their clothes on any digital or offline medium they like. The customers can create T-shirts, jackets, hoodies, caps, hats, suits, tuxedos, jeans, trousers, and shirts using tailoring software.


Online Tailoring Software: Boosting Omnichannel Touch Points


Let’s see in detail how apparel retailers and brands can use online tailoring solution for increasing their customer base.


Ecommerce Website: Online tailoring software works as a Magento and Shopify plugin and integrates with your website to increase its capabilities. Your digital customers who love to shop online can access the tool on desktop or mobile as per their convenience. With 3D skills and an extensive library of fabrics, patterns, images, and other features, they can custom-design their outfits as per their taste and trending style. They don’t need to step out of their home to buy an outfit; instead, they can design it at home while using their own creativity.


Online Market Place: As e-retail is growing with immense speed, giant web retailers like Amazon and eBay are providing platforms to apparel brands and manufacturers where they can showcase their products. With online tailoring software, you can custom create a portfolio and upload it on online market place to attract customers. It is an excellent strategy to update the catalog as trends and seasons vary. For example, you can showcase customized T-shirts with love messages on Valentine’s Day to attract shoppers.


Social Media: Who doesn’t know the power of social media! Social networking platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are revolutionizing people’s lives, whether it is fashion or lifestyle. They are inspired to share and take ideas from online communities so that they can wear what is trending. Online tailoring software allows your customers to share their self-designed apparel on different social media platforms so that they can seek the approval of peers before placing an order. Moreover, you can engage in social selling by tagging products at Instagram and attracting the attention of influencers towards your customized range of apparel.


Brick and Mortar Store: As experts say, offline retail is not dying; instead, it is evolving with time and technology. So, you can also use the capabilities of online tailoring solution on your store by helping your customers in designing customized outfits. The in-store reps can understand the requirements of visitors and offer them a unique look. You can install digital tabs and boards in store to serve the purpose.


Pop-up Stores: The trend of pop-up stores has gained popularity in recent years. The pop-up stores are temporary setups erected in fairs, fleas, and shopping centers to attract people on a large scale while getting brand visibility. This type of flash retailing usually works during the time of special events and celebrations like Christmas or Halloween Day. With tailoring software, you can display customized apparel and invite people to get freshly crated clothing for them and their loved ones.


Evidently, tailoring software is an excellent solution for fulfilling your omnichannel requirements. The software can boost your brand’s capability across all the touchpoints while ensuring that your customers get a consistent experience throughout. This strategy will surely improve your brand positioning in 2020 as fashion is getting digitalized.


iDesigniBuy offers state-of-the-art online tailoring software with superior functionalities and features. We are industry leaders in the domain of fashion customization with an experience of ten years.


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