How can Apparel Design Software Help Poseurs in Status Signaling?

Status signaling is a phenomenon under which people tend to buy high-end and expensive fashion apparel and accessories to give a signal about their status in society. And they seek to find the ways to signal their standing


How Apparel Design Software can Help End-Users in Status Signaling


through the products they buy or the outfits they adorn at different occasions or the accessories they wear to embellish their personality. Apparel design software can help entrepreneurs to offer a versatile solution to their end-users through which they can indulge in status signaling.


The taxonomy of consumers defined by Han et al. (2010) put consumers in four categories, namely, Patricians, Parvenus, Poseurs, and Proletarians, based on their financial needs and their inclination towards status consumption.


Recent research by Columbia Business School reveals that high-status individuals, also called Parvenus, are experimenting with the ways they engage in status signaling. They mix and match low-end items with luxury brands to maintain their uniqueness in front of Poseurs, middle-end customers. They ensure to create an appropriate combination of low-brow culture items and labels so that the signal still remains clear. They are different from Patricians who engage in status signaling to associate with other Patricians.


The third category, Poseurs, also termed as middle-end customers, tend to stick with upscale products and hesitate to experiment with style because of fear of losing their status. They are motivated to consume to maintain their status in front of the last category, Proletarians, lower economic class. Despite having financial crunch, Poseurs either ends up buying counterfeit goods or spending colossal money to afford luxury goods for the sake of status signaling.


Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) estimated the total value of counterfeit goods traded internationally in 2016 amounted to more than $500 billion, or 3.3 percent of world trade!


Can you see the value here? 


Poseurs are indulging in status signaling that is not always a recommended approach as it may force them to spend extravagantly on brands when not needed. In the process, Poseurs also harm the economy.


As an apparel brand or manufacturer, if you are determined to find a viable solution that can not only help customers to wear stylish runway-inspired clothes but also help them spend carefully, here is an opportunity for you.


Apparel Design Software: Ultimate Solution for Poseurs


Fashion Design Software is a popular tool that permits users to customize their clothes. People use to give away their clothes or change their wardrobe to remain fashionable. Poseurs typically are motivated to change their wardrobe every season to keep themselves abreast with the current style.

The market for customized and personalized clothes is increasing gradually. This is a niche space where very few retailers play. Fashion is an ever-evolving segment that witnesses new trends frequently. Apparel design software empowers Poseurs to embrace new trends sustainability. They can still show off and give status signals by customizing their own clothes after taking inspiration from runways or branded assortments.

Apparel Design Software: Excellent Opportunity for Apparel Retailers and Manufacturers


Let’s discuss how clothing design software can be a game-changer for retailers, manufacturers, and brands active in the apparel and clothing industry.


Allow your customers to enjoy a fantastic transformative wardrobe

Integrating apparel design software with your business website, your entire e-catalog becomes customizable, thus allowing your customers to custom-create their clothes as per their requirement, trends and season. Moreover, the iteration is so simple and user-friendly; customers can easily design their clothes and enjoy a personality boost.


Contribute towards economic growth

As evident, the propensity to buy fake goods among Poseurs has hampered the economy. With apparel design software, they are no longer needed to invest in counterfeit products. Instead, they can produce their own design with high-quality fabric and latest patterns and cuts. They can get prints, images, texts, quotes, and other elements of their choice on their attire. Whether formal, casual, or semi-casual, they can create anything that pleases them. The direct implication of this strategy is visible on your brand presence. Not only the online presence of your apparel brand is strengthened online, but also your brand is recognized as trend-setter in the sustainable fashion industry.


Let your customers, show-off, their status fearlessly

Style is something that every person holds with a unique charm. With fashion design software in place, your customers can always retain their style in the trendiest way. They can create an impressive assortment of fashionable apparels inspiring to play up their personal style while helping them to rediscover the joy of getting dressed and flaunting their style. Our apparel design software can be the best friend of your customers when it comes to showing status fearlessly with crisp and streamlined pieces.


Partner with your customers as they are on the journey of self-improvement

As style evolves with time, so the tastes of consumers. Their endeavors towards self-improvement get bolstered with time. Whatever journey they traverse through, a desire to remain in style never abandon them. And this is exactly where you can become their style guide with our apparel design software. You can offer them customized clothes and outfits at every step of the journey as they wish to showcase the milestones along the journey.


Earn profits with high margins in the process

Productivity is the eventual goal of every business. Apparel design software can never fail you at this front. In the current retail economy, where personalization is one of the most admired attributes, offering customized clothes is like a boon. Modern customers who love status signaling do not hesitate to pay slightly higher prices to get the style they have always dreamt for. As your apparel brand helps them to be what they are actually and not what they are forced to resonate with others, you are empowering them in real sense. This invariably helps you to reap profit as your customer base increases significantly.


In a nutshell,


Apparel design software is a modern solution that can help apparel brands to cater to the needs of Poseurs with style. iDesigniBuy offers a state-of-the-art apparel design software that is a one-stop solution for all your buyers’ needs. We have an industry experience of ten years with a vast base of satisfied clients.


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